The much publicized and heavily reviewed new Microsoft Ipod killer hit the store shelves today. From the media reports it would seem that the average consumer is taking a wait and see attitude.

Microsoft is famous for entering a race late, often way late, but with their money to throw at the problem they have earned a reputation for eventually winning.

The lack luster sales on release day is a little hard to understand. The Zune has one feature that the Ipod does not, apparently you can easily share music with another Zune unit wirelessly.

I have not have had an opportunity to actually see or use one of these units, but the file sharing aspect seems like a winner to me. I wonder if that is why Microsoft are paying the RIAA blood money for each one sold? A little bit of ‘palm greasing’ to keep the sharks litigators at bay?

Zune seems to have been a device that has been hurried to market, and maybe a few corners have been cut. One of the big issues is that while it is a Microsoft product, it can not be used to play songs purchased through MSN. This sounds bizarre!

Zune may not take over the world today, but you can guarantee that you have not heard the last of it.

Simon Barrett

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