The annual Zombie Walk held in Richmond, Virginia, has once again helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The Zombie Walk took place just before Halloween this year, with participants dressed up as all sorts of zombies, from police officer zombies to Girl Scout zombies.

The Richmond Zombie Walk was fist organized in 2006 by Anthony Menez and Josh Bishop back in 2006, and at first there were around eighty people that joined in. However, this has now swelled to around two hundred people, with many more that turn out simply to watch the event.

Menez started collecting donations from the event for the American Cancer Society after his father in law was diagnosed with asbestos cancer called mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

As a result of his death the donations that have been made to the American Cancer Society from the Zombie Walk have been made in Menez’s father in laws name.

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