Just over a year ago I had my first encounter with two enterprising inventors Christopher Oliver and James Vilipeg. At that time they were working hard promoting their now world famous ‘Potty Mouth’, a must have accessory for any toilet. You can read my review here.

Yesterday the illustrious pair emailed me about the latest project, zomBcall. This could indeed be the next big thing, bigger even than Potty Mouth.

The idea of an upcoming Zombie Apocalypse is high on many peoples list of imminent dangers the world is facing. Can the Zombie Apocalypse be avoided? The answer is yes, but Zombie hunters will need tools.

Duck hunters have used duck calls for a very long time to attract the prey. In fact there is a whole industry and reality TV series on the subject. Could it be possible to adapt this idea to Zombies? Christopher and James think so. Both have immersed themselves in the study of Zombie behavior and vocalizations. By using this knowledge they have created zomBcall.

Alas they have not been able to secure funding from DARPA, the CIA, or any other government agency, even the NSA shunned them, doubting that many Zombies used cell phones or email so there was little intelligence to be gained.

The pair have resorted to Kickstarter to get the project rolling. Of course the Pentagon will come crawling once the value of zomBcall becomes clear. Possibly they will need to produce a camouflaged version for military use.

You can help avoid the Zombie Apocalypse by supporting the Kickstarter project.

Simon Barrett



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