While it comes as no surprise, it is saddening that Mugabe have pulled off what has to be the biggest and most blatant abuse of power in recent years. Alas parts of Africa are not well known for their democratic process, but even by African standards this one is outrageous.

By mass intimidation he managed firstly to remove his opposition Morgan Tsvangirai, and then by intimidating the voters mas elected himself back into power with a claimed 86% of the popular vote.

Most western news outlets are calling this an election a sham, and that is certainly what it is.

There are reports of rural voters being rounded up and forced to vote. Also some voters are claiming that they were force to disclose the serial number on the ballot, so much for a secret ballot!

Morgan Tsvangirai meanwhile remained holed up in the Dutch embassy fearing reprisals from Mugabe.

It will be interesting to see what international response to Mugabe is, the condemnation of his tactics has been pretty universal, with some leaders, such as  Kenya’s prime minister Odinga, are calling for UN intervention and the introduction of a peacekeeping force.

It is sad that this kind of activity still goes on in this day and age. Mugabe’s carnage has resulted in at least 90 deaths during the election process.

Simon Barrett


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