The regime in Zimbabwe is evil and the ruthless criminals who rule there deserve to be punished for the crimes they have inflicted, and are inflicting, on the people of Zimbabwe.  But neither Europe nor Britain has the moral right to criticise Mugabe and his Zimbabwean Zanu-PF for lack of due democratic process. 

On June 27, Mugabe forced the people of Zimbabwe to vote “correctly” and Europe, led by Britain, called for UN sanctions to punish Mugabe and his henchmen for being “undemocratic”.  Mugabe and Zanu-PF had rejected the vote of the electorate, and made them vote again until they “got it right”. 

And yet, just a few weeks before Zimbabweans voted for the second time, the Republic of Ireland voted a resounding “NO” against the latest “Lisbon Treaty” of Europe.  The Irish electorate’s vote has been rejected by the Irish Government and by Europe, and they will be required to vote again until they vote “YES” (“correctly”). 

The British Government has even less moral ground to stand on when it comes to the will of the electorate being ignored.  The British people have themselves been denied a referendum on this new European “Treaty”, which will ultimately remove the last remaining vestiges of British Sovereignty.  The British Government has signed the “Lisbon Treaty” without the authority of the British electorate. 

During the next few years, the once proud and independent nation of Britain will become no more than an island containing a number of separate provinces of what I now call the ESSR… (European Soviet Socialist Republic).  Where Hitler failed, the so-called “European Union” has succeeded; Britain has been conquered by stealth. 

At least Mugabe went through the motions of an election. 

Last week, Mugabe’s old friends, Communist China and Russia both vetoed British and American calls for UN Sanctions against the illegal regime of Zimbabwe.  That was no surprise.  Neither China nor South Africa will allow Zanu-PF to lose power in Zimbabwe.  The ANC and Zanu-PF are stable-mates, going back a long way.  Both were supported by their communist friends, the then Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China.  But sanctions never work; only overwhelming force works… 

I forecast that Mugabe will eventually be allowed to retire with dignity, and a new candidate from among the Zanu-PF politburo will take over as Zimbabwe’s new president.  Meanwhile, the opposition MDC majority in Zimbabwe’s parliament will be whittled away through intimidation, torture and murder until Zanu-PF regains control of the lower house again.


Author, Peter Davies was a soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975, where he took part in the capture and interrogation of terrorists.  His novel, Scatterlings of Africa, is based on his own experience during Rhodesia’s war on terror, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people.

Readers who would like to make a contribution to help innocent pensioners, who are unable to buy food and other basic necessities in Zimbabwe, should please contact Patricia Williams by email

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