One of the latest threats being made to Zimbabwe people who might be contemplating voting for anyone other than Mugabe in the forthcoming presidential election runoff is, “…we have bullets for each of you…”  In fact the electoral process in Zimbabwe descended into farce last week, when Mugabe declared that he would never allow Zimbabwe to be ruled by Opposition Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.  (London Daily Mail)  Mugabe must see a real danger of losing to Tsvangirai yet again in the so-called runoff.  (Readers may recall that Tsvangirai won the first time round.) 

If neither the incumbent nor Zimbabwe’s military (Reuters) are prepared to accept the vote of the Zimbabwean people, one must ask why an election s held at all, 

Mugabe claimed that his “war vets” (most of them far too young to have taken part in the 1970s Civil War) were saying to him; “…this country was won by the barrel of the gun, so why should we let it go at the stroke of a pen?”  Part of that statement, often trotted out by Mugabe himself, “…this country was won by the barrel of the gun…” is itself a lie.  The Rhodesian Armed forces were never beaten by Mugabe’s terrorists.  In 1979/80 the Rhodesian Government was forced by the South African Government to negotiate peace, because South Africa refused to continue to supply Rhodesia with vital oil and munitions supplies – even though Rhodesia paid for them. 

Right now, Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party is busy using all the resources of Zimbabwe to throw everything possible at opposition supporters and activists.  This includes daily intimidation, beating, rape and killing people who have no international profile.  More formal arrests and short term incarceration, is being used against people who are known to the international community.  Last Thursday, the opposition party secretary-general was arrested and taken in handcuffs before a judge.  Prosecutors planned to charge him with “treason and making malicious statements”.  This charge could carry the death penalty. (Reuters) 

Sadly, none of this comes as any surprise to me.  Mugabe’s terrorists behaved like the primitive savages they were during the 1970s Civil War.  I saw the results of their evil work on ordinary, innocent people who didn’t want anything to do with them, or their so-called “freedom” fighting.  Mugabe and his Zanu-PF terrorists have not changed. 

Mugabe and his people adopted the same disinformation campaign during the 1970s that they do today; blaming the “opposition” for the beating, torture, rape and killing that they perpetrate.  It happened during the 1970s.  The difference is that, back in the 1970s, the international community wanted to believe Mugabe and his terrorists.  Now the International Community does not want to be fooled. 


Author, Peter Davies was a soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975, where he took part in the capture and interrogation of terrorists.  His novel, Scatterlings of Africa, is based on his own experience during Rhodesia’s war on terror, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people. 

Readers who would like to make a contribution to help innocent pensioners, who are unable to buy food and other basic necessities in Zimbabwe, should please contact Patricia Williams by email

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