Nope, no profiling allowed, folks.

Christian musicians entering the US from Canada, complete with seven kids are stopped and turned back twice by the border guards…
A security risk? Right. Pious Christian musicians with seven kids in tow are obviously a security risk (sarcasm)…What gives?

Well, I guess after Anne Applebaum reported strange behavior by supposedly innocent Syrian musicians on her flight, the word is out that “musicians” from terrorist countries must be profiled, but to “prove” we aren’t profiling, let’s profile other musicians…

Well, searching the bus can probably be justified (the musicians I know aren’t above relaxing with a certain herbal cigarette), but refusing entry? What gives?

My take: The PC police at work again.
We have to harass obviously innocent people to prove we aren’t profiling by race, even if the actual profile is based on behavior, not race.

So my husband Lolo, a half deaf Asian World War II veteran, is routinely searched at airports, so that when Immans, including one from a mosque attended by Mohammed Atta, spout anti American rhetoric ask for seat extentions and change seats, then the airport can say: Ah, but we don’t profile.
And so when I, a grandmother and ex missionary, had three patients half naked ready to be seen, and couldn’t find my nurse for the upteenth time, I was the one suspended for “Making terroristic threats” for muttering “I’m going to kill her when I find her”…no, folks, no profiling here.

It didn’t use to be this bad. Border guards and airport guards were allowed to stop and search based on subtle behavioral clues, and when in doubt, the supervisors were allowed to use common sense.

So when my adopted son, with a foreign passport and a non Hispanic name and very nervous, was stopped by immigration, when I came to find him, it took less than five minutes for the supervisor to figure he was scared and not very good at English.
Similarly, the Millenium bomber was caught at the Canadian border: He looked nervous, so the guard searched his car. But in Maine, PC prevailed, and so a guard who wanted to stop Mohammed Atta for looking nervous/paranoid refrained from following his instinct.

So let’s hear it for the beleagured border guards and airport security guards, who can’t do anything right because they have to follow political correctness.

However, in the case of the supervisor stopping the Christian musician, as in the case of my supervisor who bragged he “followed the rules” by suspending me, is it too much to ask that supervisors be chosen for their street smarts and common sense?

For like Jabot, they seem more interested in harassing people in the name of the law than using common sense. But in doing so, they ignore the reason behind the rules, letting the guilty go free and harassing the innocent in the name of “fairness”.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 


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