Who was Zahra Baker? Well before October 9, 2010, this little girl was only known to her family and friends. Now just about everyone in the world knows who Zahra Baker is. She is the little girl from Australia that lost a leg due to her battle with cancer and she had to wear a hearing aid.

Zahra’s father, Adam Baker brought Zahra to the US with him when he married Elisa Baker. They were going to make North Carolina their home. Everything on the outside apparently looked great to people but neighbors ended up reported child abuse to the Dept of Social Services, but even though they went to the Baker home at least 7 different times they claim they found no evidence of abuse. Well I guess not since someone notified Elisa Baker that they were coming ahead of time giving her time to clean the place up and make sure her story was straight and more importantly make sure Zahra’s story matched her, no doubt.

The day after Zahra was reported missing Elisa Baker was arrested for obstructing justice. She had on her own admission written the fake ransom note to make the child’s disappearance look like a kidnapping.. After Zahra’s prosthetic leg was found, Elisa Baker agreed to cooperate with authorities in order to find Zahra. But in order to get her cooperation she made a formal plea agreement with the prosecution,

Now Elisa Baker is being charged with second degree murder of her 10 year old stepdaughter. The autopsy report shows that Zahra’s cause of death as a result of “undetermined homicidal violence”. There just weren’t enough of her remains to determine the exact cause of death. There are important pieces of evidence missing, like the skull. A Mecklenburg prosecutor, Steve Ward, says he has never heard this term before but it basically means that the medical examiner is saying the victim was killed but they have no idea how it happened.

Elisa BakerElisa Baker claims she didn’t kill the child but her husband did dismember her after Zahra died from an illness. In fact she claims that Zahra died on September 24 but she says she did nothing wrong. Well duh! Not calling the authorities to begin with clearly shows that you did something wrong.

Steve Ward says this case is going to be difficult to prove it was a purposeful killing rather than a death by natural causes followed by dismemberment. Charlotte area prosecutors say that the lack of definitive cause of death in Zahra’s case would make it hard but not impossible to prove a killing took place. The indictment on Baker accuses her of desecrating the girl’s body, but usually when someone dies of natural causes, the family doesn’t dismember the body. When this happens it makes it look like they are covering up any wrongdoing on their part of the death, which might help persuade a jury to find the defendant guilty of the murder charge.

Elisa Baker was appointed an attorney, Scott Reilly to handle her case. She is scheduled to make her next appearance in court on April 4. Adam Baker and his mother was reportedly left town after that. He claims he was being harassed because a lot of people think he should have been charged along with his wife. But the District Attorney, James Gather says there is no credible evidence to show Adam Baker or anyone else was involved other than Elisa Baker. The authorities were informed of Adam Baker leaving town before he left though.

Still in all, there is a little girl that is no longer with us. We won’t see that gorgeous smile on her little freckled face anymore. She will be missed by her family and friends. Let’s just pray that she will get justice and be able to rest in peace.

Abused, missing and murdered children out there are helpless. They are too little to fight back. They shouldn’t have to go through the torture. It just isn’t fair to them. Please join me in my prayers for these kids, and adults too that are missing. Remember Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir, Zachary Pittman and all the others out here that can no longer speak for themselves. God bless each and every one of them. I pray that one day they all will be found and brought home one way or another.

Jan Barrett

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