zahra.jpgZahra Baker is the little Australian 10 year old girl that was reported missing on October 9, 2010. She captured a lot of the world’s attention with her magical smile. News of what this little girl had gone through in her short life and still survived spread like fire in the media. Zahra was indeed a cancer victim that survived but unfortunately not before she lost one of her legs, but she didn’t let that stop her from wanting to live. She seemed so full of live even though she had to wear a hearing aid as well.

Zahra and her father, Adam Baker moved to the United States two years ago to live with Elisa Baker, a woman he met online and then married. Friends and relatives claim Zahra didn’t even want to come to the states, but her father took her with him anyway.

After searching for the child police found a prosthetic leg in Christy Road in Caldwell County, N C, which was proven to be the same one purchased for Zahra while she still lived in Australia. They found more of her remains about 5 miles away along side a creek on Dudley Road. It was apparent that this wasn’t going to get any better. The conclusion was that this precious child had been killed and then her body had been dismembered and the parts were scattered out.

Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker was arrested on October 10, 2010 after she admitted to the police that she wrote a fake ransom note in order to delay the investigations on the child’s disappearance. She has been in jail after being charged for obstruction of justice. She was supposed to appear in court today to face the judge on the charge and also her attorney was expected to ask the judge to reduce Elisa’s bail of almost $100,000 bail that she obviously can’t make. Judge Robert C. Ervin rescheduled the hearing for March 7, 2011 but it is unclear as to why.

This afternoon documents were released in court that gives a little more insight on the case but it still doesn’t explain how the child was killed.

The documents show that Zahra died on September 24, 2010 and her little body was disposed of the next day, according to Elisa Baker. Elisa Baker claims that Adam Baker dismembered the body and then the two of them disposed of the body parts in several locations.

According to cell phone records used to check if statements made by Elisa Baker were right or wrong. Adam Baker’s cell phone records show that he was not in the locations Elisa claims that they disposed of the child’s body. But on the other hand records do show that Elisa’s cell phone was at the places she described.

The documents also explain the relationship between Elisa and Aaron Young. He was her ex-husband and she and he were divorced before she married Baker, but Elisa didn’t tell her new husband that Young was her ex, she told him he was her brother. Young and Baker were estranged but they did keep in contact with each other so investigators are trying to retrieve Young’s cell phone records now. The documents say that his phone records or phone number will likely provide information substantially related to this homicide case.

So here they have statements from Elisa Baker that she and her husband, Adam Baker took his daughter’s body and disposed of it yet he has not been charged. This has to make one ask, do the police think she is lying about Adam Baker’s involvement. He denies being involved or knowing anything.

I guess we just have to depend on law enforcement in this case as well. I am sure they want to make sure before any arrests are made. All I know is this innocent child’s life was taken from her and for the life in me I can’t figure out why anyone would want to do that. She had so much life in her. She was a fighter that wanted to live. This was totally uncalled for.

How can anyone harm children?

jonathan.jpgAlso in the news is the murder of the 12 year old Houston boy, Jonathon Foster. His body was found burned so bad that they couldn’t even tell if the child was male or female. Police have arrested 44 year old Mona Nelson and charged her with kidnapping and murder of Jonathon and to make matters worse they now seem to think he wasn’t her only victim. She claims that she did dump the body into a ditch in North Hudson but she didn’t kill him. So if she didn’t kill him who did?  If she disposed of the body she has to know who killed the child, right.

haleigh-cummings.pngWhat about Haleigh Cummings. Next month will be two years since she disappeared and is believed to be dead. Several arrests were made on unrelated charges keeping the key suspects behind bars seem to have some satisfied that it is some sort of justice for Haleigh, but until someone is charged with her murder how can it be justice for Haleigh? Are they even sure they have the one responsible behind bars? All of my readers know how I feel about that and I haven’t changed my mind. Regardless though, until someone finds her body, we won’t really know what happened to this child. Where is Haleigh?

adji-desir.jpgIn six days little Adji Desir will have been gone for two years. He was out playing in his grandmother’s yard in Farm Worker Village in Immokalee, Florida when suddenly he was no where to be found. He disappeared without a trace. There have been many tips called in but none that lead the authorities to finding this little boy. January 10, 2011 marks the anniversary of his disappearance and still nothing. Where can Adji be?

Please keep Adji in your prayers along with Haleigh and Jonathan and Zahra and all the other innocent children that are being abused, and murdered by others. Someone has to stand up and help these children. God bless them all.

Jan Barrett

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