Zahra Baker is the little Australian girl that captured the heart of the world when her little body was found in parts scattered in different areas in North Carolina. This 10 year old child had the most gorgeous smile on her.

Today an indictment was handed down on Elisa Baker, Zahra’s stepmother, for second degree murder of Zahra Baker. The indictment cites aggravating factors saying that Elisa Baker had a history of physical abuse of Zahra. It also says that she desecrated her body to hinder detection and prosecution of the killing. Zahra’s stepmother was still in jail after she was arrested in October on charges of obstructing justice in the investigation of Zahra’s disappearance after she admitted to authorities that she was responsible for a fake ransom note involved in the case.

Until this morning, no charges had been made against anyone in the death of this precious child. Documents show where Elisa Baker led the police to where Zahra’s remains could be found. Warrants revealed that cell phone records show that Elisa was indeed in the area that the child was found but Adam’s cell phone records show that he was not in the same area on the day that his wife said he was. Elisa told authorities that her husband was the one that dismembered his daughter and helped dispose of the parts afterwords.

Adam Baker, Zahra’s father did an interview on 60 Minutes over the weekend and denied any wrong doing claiming he was not guilty of anything to do with harming to his daughter. He did admit that one time he noticed that Zahra had a black eye and when he questioned it, his wife quickly spoke up with an explanation and Zahra agreed with it. Adam Baker admitted he thought his wife had been abusing his daughter at that time.

Everyone has been waiting for someone to be charged with this gruesome murder. It would take an animal to do what someone did to this baby. How anyone can do it and still hold their head up I will never understand. I pray that this doesn’t drag out and this woman (if indeed is guilty) will pay for what she has done.

God bless the children of the world. There has to be some way we can protect our children better. Adam Baker might not be guilty of any of this but if he felt that his wife was abusing his daughter, he is wrong for not doing something about it. Little Zahra could still be alive if only he had stood up to his wife. God bless you Zahra, may you rest in peace dear one.  God bless all the other abused, missing and murdered children. Don’t let any of their cases go unsolved. Help find ones like Haleigh Cummings and Adji Desir and Zachary and all the others out there.

Jan Barrett

Update for the newly released autopsy report.

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