zahra-2.jpgMost of the people that read any of the news in this country would know the name Zahra Baker by now. She is the 10 year old Australian that was killed, then dismembered and her body was scattered in different locations in North Carolina.  Zahra was a very special child that had lost a leg in her battle with cancer and she had to wear an hearing aid.

Soon after her father, Adam Baker reported Zahra missing, police arrested Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, for writing a fake ransom note which she admitted to writing. She was arrested for obstruction of justice.

Last week an indictment for second degree murder of little Zahra Baker was handed down on Elisa Baker. Yesterday Baker was informed of new charges on her which include two counts each of financial fraud and obtaining properties by false pretenses. This makes a total of 21 charges now that she is facing.

According to the new indictment Baker used her daughter, Brittany Starbuck’s identity, Social Security number, driver’s license and her date of birth to set up phone and utility service last year in her home. Her oldest daughter had been living with her at the time.

The Associated Press discovered that Elisa Baker had been married 7 different times but some of the marriages overlapped. In fact she was still married to another man when she married Adam Baker while in Australia in July 2008. They moved to North Carolina after that.

Adam Baker has not been charged in connection with his daughter’s murder although plenty of people think he should be. Questions have flared wondering if he is innocent where did he think his daughter was for those two weeks between the time Elisa states that Zahra died and the time he reported her missing. It does make one wonder.

I pray that all the ones involved here will pay for what happened to Zahra. She had a horrific death and my heart aches knowing the pain she must have went through when she died.

I have been writing about missing, abused and murdered children for close to three years now. I take it all to heart when I hear about a child being murdered, or abused. They are not old enough, or not big and strong enough to fight to protect themselves. How do they survive bad things like that? They look at their parents to protect them but not every parent will. Some parents are heartless and they just don’t care. They are either jealous of the child, or perhaps they think the child is preventing them from having fun or simply being a pest to them on a bad day.

It doesn’t matter what one feels, you should never take out your anger on a child. If you want to take out built up anger that is inside of you, go find a child molester. You can use that built up anger inside you on them. Hell our laws seem to fail our kids anyway. Someone has got to do something to protect our kids. I am not saying ALL parents are bad ones because that is not true. There are a lot of good parents out there but still there are parents that have no business being a parent to begin with.

Please say a prayer that Zahra will get some justice from all of this. Also remember all the other missing, abused and murdered children too, like Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir, Zachary Pittman and Caylee Anthony. The missing children need to be found. The abused ones need to be taken away from the ones abusing them. May God be with all the children.

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Jan Barrett

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