zahra-baker.jpgPolice have found what they believe could be the prosthetic leg that belonged to missing 10 year old Zahra Baker from North Carolina. CNN is reporting that it was found in a bushy area off Christie Road in Caldwell County according to Police Chief Tom Adkins of Hickory North Carolina but MSNBC is reporting that it was found at the family home where Zahra lived.

Adkins says the prosthetic leg is consistent with that of little Zahra, who lost her leg during her battle with bone cancer when she was only 5 years old and who later on developed lung cancer as well. Law enforcement are comparing the serial numbers on the prosthetic that was found to the one that Zahra got while she was still living in Australia, where both of her natural parents are from. Police have contacted her mother and they have requested to have her medical records sent to them.

Now the focus on their search for this precious angel has turned to the home that Zahra lived in with her father and stepmother in North Carolina. They have brought in a backhoe and other machinery to use for digging in the yard of the family home while investigators rake through the dug up dirt looking for evidence. Police dogs have been brought in as well to go over the yard where they are digging. So far it is being reported that at least one bag of evidence has been taken from the home as of this morning. Adkins says they have received new information which led them to start the search inside and outside the family’s home. Adkins said, “We’re looking for any piece of evidence that can help in that investigation.”

Are they getting close to finding poor little Zahra? The chances of finding her alive look very slim to none but I do pray that at least she will be found. If she is dead then at least she will be able to be laid to rest properly if they can find her. She deserves that at least.

I will be watching for any new news on this case. Please keep praying for Zahra Baker.

Jan Barrett

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