zahra1.jpgThis past October a 10 year old little girl, Zahra Baker was reported missing. As the case was being investigated gruesome findings appeared. Zahra came to the United States along with her father, Adam Baker to live with her new stepmother, Elisa Baker. They are originally from Australia.

What makes this child different from others is the fact that for a child that was only 10, she had overcome so much in her life, to stay alive. She had cancer which caused her to lose a leg and she had to wear a hearing aid. She was a bright child with the friendliest and prettiest smile you ever saw. To know that after she battled and won all that just to live, to have her life taken from her beyond her control and in such a horrible way makes it even worse.

Police located a prosthetic leg which was proven by serial numbers to be Zahra’s and eventually body parts of this precious child were found in different locations making it apparent that she had been dismembered and her body was scattered around, undoubtedly to try to keep her from being found.

Tuesday afternoon while working along Christie Road about a quarter of a mile from the road, the same area that the prosthetic leg had been found, loggers found a briefcase with a blanket inside it. The blanket was covered with mold and mildew. Although it is not positive it even has anything to do with Zahra’s death, police are sending it to the state lab to be examined.

Zahra’s stepmom, Elisa has been in jail for obstruction of justice after she admitted writing a fake ransom note saying it was to throw the investigation off from finding Zahra.

Now Tuesday she has been indicted for bigamy. She was clearly not divorced from her previous husband when she married Adam Baker and when Adam and Zahra came to live in North Carolina with her. She told Adam Baker that the other man was her brother. No one knew they were married before. She married Adam Baker in Australia in July of 2008 but divorce from Aaron Young was not finalized until August 21, 2009.

No arrests have been made in the case but rumors are that it is possible that Adam and Elisa Baker along with Aaron Young may have been involved in a bizarre chainsaw massacre role-playing game on the internet just a few days before Zahra was reported missing.

I do hope and pray that the person or persons involved in doing this to this little girl are charged and punished to the full extinct of the law. Zahra fought too hard to live in this world and she was robbed of her life.

adji-desir.jpgPlease say a prayer for her so she will get justice in this. Let us not forget the other missing children as well. I know there are a lot of missing children but the two other cases near and dear to my heart right now is the missing Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings.

Adji Desir, the little boy that was reported missing in Florida. He was last seen out in his grandmother’s yard in Farm Worker Village in Immokalee, Florida and hasn’t been seen again. January 10 marked 2 years since he disappeared but his family still has hopes of finding him.

haleigh-cummings-1.jpgHaleigh will be missing two years on February 10. Some seem to think that the ones responsible for Haleigh’s disappearance has been sentenced to prison time on drug charges so they feel that in some way this is justice for Haleigh. I do not believe that. Until someone has been formally charged and found guilty of murdering Haleigh, she will not receive any justice, if she is even dead. No one has proven for sure that she is. So until they do I can’t give up my hopes that she will be found one day.

My prayers are with these children every day and every night. May God bless each and every one of them!

Jan Barrett

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