zahra.jpgLast week a rumor started that Zahra Baker’s step-mom, Elisa Baker had struck a deal with the District Attorney’s office that if she co-operated with them she would not receive the death penalty nor would she spend life in prison, should she ever be charged with the murder of this precious child.

Well according to that is exactly what this was, a rumor. The Caldwell County District attorney, James Gaither reports that all reports of this so called deal are simply not true. In fact Elisa Baker is indeed a suspect in Zahra’s death. He said if she is charged, the state is under no obligation to limit those charges.

The case has been a hard one for me to follow because of the nature of the crime. I have a hard time hearing about what someone done to this innocent child with the smile that shines from one end of the world to the other.

The Australian born little girl fought for her life before. She had cancer and overcame it but unfortunately not before she lost one of her legs from it and she had to wear a hearing aid. Anyone could see in her photos that Zahra had to be such a pleasure to be around. She looked like she was so full of life.

There were allegations that Zahra was physically assaulted and raped before she died according to documents unsealed last week. It was said that two cousins, James Young (a former in-law of Elisa Baker) and his cousin Timothy “Sammy” Young both deny the allegations and both claim they took a polygraph test and passed. In the documents the source says that Zahra had been at a beige block house in Burke County with the two cousins. The source claims that Elisa Baker came to that house and saw Zahra with blood on her lower body. He asked the person he was talking to if the men in the house had killed Zahra and he said he was told that they might have hit her in the head. The source also claimed that he got all this information from talking to someone else.

James Young claims he has submitted to a cheek swab for a DNA test and he also have allowed the police to search his home. He said the police didn’t remove anything and he hasn’t heard anything else from them in more than a month now.

Young’s brother was once married to Elisa Baker and they lived across the street from the Baker’s before they moved to Hickory. He told reported that Zahra was an outstanding, outgoing kid and he even has photos of her on his refrigerator.

So the question remains, who is responsible for the death of this little girl?  Someone did a horrible thing to her and they need to pay for what they did. She wasn’t just murdered she was slaughtered and personally I think they should get the same treatment. Also how can anyone say that Elisa Baker is innocent when she apparently admitted she took part in covering the murder up by writing the fake ransom note yet she and Adam Baker both deny any wrongdoing.

I look at Zahra’s picture and I cry because it breaks my heart just knowing what she probably went through. I pray that God will not let those that did this to her get away with it. My prayers are with you Zahra. You are to be admired for living the life you had as long as you did. I am just so sorry that your life was taken from you before you really had a chance to live it. God bless you Zahra.

Let’s not forget to say our prayers that other missing and murdered children will be found soon. There are so many out there and it is unbelievable how many have had their lives taken by one of their own parents. They are the ones that the children should be able to trust more than anyone else in the world. It is so sad. Let’s also pray for those children lost and seem to have gone to cold cases. Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings come to mind right away. I have not forgotten them. The reports have died down and unless it is going on behind closed doors there seems to be no news at all on their cases. I guess some people are getting what they wanted from this. No news means no publicity. Well I can’t keep quiet. I will always mention their name to keep it out there. Please don’t forget these children.

Jan Barrett

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