zahra-baker.jpgZahra Baker is the 10 year old little girl that has gained worldwide attention since being reported missing on October 9, 2010. What makes this little girl so different is the amazing fact that she has fought bone cancer and even though she lost part of a leg resulting in her having to wear a prosthetic and she uses a hearing aid, she survived the cancer. This child has been through more than her share of problems at her age.

The last person to claims to be the last one to see Zahra was her stepmother, Elisa Baker has been arrested and charged with obstructing justice after she admitted to the investigators that she was the one that wrote the fake ransom note asking for $1 million dollars. She is being held under a $65,000 bond.

Court records show that Elisa has filed an affidavit of indigence and requested a court-appointed attorney. The attorney the courts have appointed to her case is Scott Reilly but apparently there is another attorney that is considered to be a high-profile attorney that is qualified to take on death penalty cases. Lisa Dubs might be conducting a preliminary investigation to determine if Elisa is indeed indigent and needs appointed counsel.

In the case that Elisa is ever charged with murder of her stepdaughter then Reilly and Dubs might defend her jointly. “Scott and I have tried capital cases together before,” she told the Hickory Daily Record. “Scott already knows a lot about the case and we’re going to do whatever’s best for the client.”

Hickory Police Chief, Tom Adkins says that Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa is now cooperating with police  and she is providing them with information through her attorneys, Reilly and Dubs.

OK is it me, or does this seem like they are jumping the gun a bit here, talking about defending Elisa Baker in a murder trial, before they even know for sure that this child is dead? I understand the way it all looks which seems to be that this precious little angel is no longer with us, but why would a high profile attorney be getting involved before any such charges are even put on the client.

Meanwhile authorities seemed to have located a main piece of evidence that they have been searching for the past few days. A mattress, which was thrown out by her parents just days before Zahra was reported missing, was located at the Foothills Environmental landfill in Caldwell County but it apparently contained no remains. The Hickory police have confirmed, “This mattress possessed DNA evidence that will be tested in the future to confirm if it is involved with this investigation.” They did not release what the nature of the evidence was that they were talking about.

FBI has also joined in a separate search in bushland in Caldwell County after local residents reported smelling a bad smell. One local there said she noticed a foul stench odor in the vicinity.

Zahra’s father is in jail now too after being arrested for five counts of writing worthless checks, two counts of communicating threats and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held on a $7,000 bond.

Unfortunately the police now believe that Zahra is dead and that she has been murdered. They have not ruled out the father, Adam Baker or the stepmother, Elisa Baker as suspects.

This adorable little girl has been through so much in her short 10 years on this earth. It breaks my heart to think that someone would inflict more pain on her after all she has been through. She has the prettiest smile. I just don’t know how anyone could look at her and harm her.

I do believe that the police are doing what they can to find Zahra, though. They seem determined to find her one way or another. I pray they never give up just as I pray that Law enforcement never give up looking for other missing children that have been missing for so long, like Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings. When we don‘t hear any news about their cases we assume they have given up. I don’t think they have but I guess when they have checked out every lead they have and just don’t know where else to look, they have nothing left to do but to wait for evidence to come to them. I pray that something will come out soon for all the cases that remain unsolved. These babies need to come home, one way or another. I pray for God to lead them home, where they belong.  May God bless all of them.

Jan Barrett

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