zahra.jpgFor the past few days I have been reading the news on this case and somehow I realized that I needed to write something about it, only I find it very hard to do so. The thought of what this adorable little girl has probably gone through just turns my stomach.

The Australian 10-year old, Zahra Baker was reported missing by her father, Adam Baker on October 9, 2010. Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker was arrested for obstructing justice when she admitted to the police that she was the one that wrote the fake ransom note demanding $1 million.

Zahra is a bone cancer survivor although she did lose one of her legs resulting in her needing a prosthetic leg. She also wore a hearing aid. Later she was diagnosed with lung cancer as well. In a search for the child, police located a prosthetic leg and confirmed it was hers and in another search they located a bone was found which was sent to be analyzed.

For her only being 10 years old and still alive, this child had it in her to fight to live, but one has to ask now, did that fight in her end at the hands of her own family now?

According to some of the reports police search teams in North Carolina have made a discovery of human remains that is feared to be that of Zahra Baker’s not far from where Elisa Baker once lived. The remains were located on the edge of Gunpowder Creek which is a secluded location that hunters use to dump deer carcasses, which reportedly is where Elisa had directed the police to.

A spokesman for the Hickory, North Carolina police department is saying that they have discovered evidence that could provide valuable information in the case and this evidence will be analyzed at the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigators lab, but they are refusing to confirm that this evidence was indeed human remains. They are being careful not to release information prematurely to be sure not to jeopardize any future criminal proceedings.

The new evidence was discovered apparently just hours before Zara’s biological mother, Emily Dietrich arrived in North Carolina from Australia. She claims that she didn’t even know her daughter was in the United States until just three days before Zahra was reported missing even though Adam Baker had moved to North Carolina with his daughter after he and Elisa Baker met in were married, two years ago.

November 16 would be Zahra’s 11th birthday. There are plans to hold a vigil in Hickory North Carolina in her honor for her birthday.

So if what is reported to have been found is true, is it Zahra? I am not ready to assume for sure that this discovery is the actual remains of this little girl but most are reporting that it is certainly possible. If the reports are correct it really makes me sick to think that anyone could do this to someone else, especially their own child.

Reports on Zahra’s case are closer to an idea of what could have happened to her. I can’t even imagine what she went through before and after her death and according to what is being feared by most, I can’t even bring myself to write about it, that is just how sick it is. I pray she is in peace now in heaven and in no pain if these reports are anywhere near correct. No child deserves that. I don’t really know how to write what I am feeling about this. I can’t seem to find the right words of my feelings other than pure disgust when I think of what someone might have done to her.

Reporting a missing person, feared dead is not always so easy but in the case involving a helpless child makes it even harder. I have written articles of lot of missing children and although some have been found alive and well (Thank God) other cases such as the disappearance of Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings are still unsolved. What happened to these children? Where are they? We don’t hear any more news about their cases and I have to ask why not. Do they not deserve to be found? They have loving family members left behind still wondering where they are and yet no one has been formally charged for their disappearance. They need to be found and not given up on.

I pray for Adji and Haleigh every night and every morning, and I also pray for Zahra. She has a gorgeous smile that will melt anyone’s heart. Her smile on her little freckled face brings out pure joy. How can anyone hurt these children? I just don’t understand that. God bless all of them and for those that haven’t survived, may they rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

Update:  It has been confirmed that they have found the body of Zahra Baker.

“It is with great regret that I stand before you today,” Hickory, N.C., Police Chief Tom Adkins “I’ve been dreading this moment [since] early on in this investigation. As investigators we are trained to follow leads, but never give up the hope the evidence may take us in the wrong direction and the outcome may be different…

“We have recovered enough physical evidence to believe we have found Zahra,” he said.

This breaks my heart but at least I know now this precious child is where no one can ever hurt her again. I know she is no longer in any pain. My God be with her. My prayers are with her and her family. RIP Zahra Baker

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