zahra-baker.jpgTen year old Zahra Baker has become well known since she was reported missing on October 9, 2010 by her father, Adam Baker, 33 and her stepmother, Elisa Baker, 42. According to the father, his wife claimed that the last time she saw the little girl was about 2:30 that morning.

Elisa Baker confessed that she is the one that wrote the ransom note asking for $1 million that was found after police arrived and she has since been arrested and charged with obstructing justice for writing the fake ransom note. She is being held on a $65,000 bond after the judge listened to the disturbing and unsettling allegations levied against her.

Yesterday morning authorities in Caldwell County, North Carolina were searching for little Zahra in a heavily wooded area near some waterfalls. They appeared to be extremely interested in the stream located at the foot of the falls near the road. They were there searching from daybreak Monday until about 5:35 pm. Caldwell County Sheriff, Alan Jones said they were following up on leads they get in their county and they have received several.

Apparently they brought Elisa to the search area but was not allowed to get out the car she was brought there in. She was later returned to jail around 6:00 that evening. Jones made the statement saying, “We always like to be hopeful… We’re not going to rest until we find the little girl.”

Also on Monday Adam Baker was arrested on charges related to bad checks and is currently being held on a $7,000 bond. The Sidney Morning Herald paper is reporting that he was arrested at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport. They believe he was at the airport to pick up some relatives that was flying in from Australia. Baker is now facing 5 counts of communicating threats, one count of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of failure to return rental property.

I hate to think of this case turning into a circus with non-related problems to take the focus off of what is the more important problem of all, that is of finding little Zahra. Police are calling this a homicide case now unfortunately. Zahra has been through more than your average 10 year old child has been through. She has had bone cancer which she lost one of her legs from. She was wearing a prosthetic leg and she wore a hearing aid, which were both found at her home after she was reported missing. Still the mystery remains, what happened to this child? Where is she? What could she possibly have done to make someone harm her in anyway whatsoever?

She needs to be found and brought home. Just like the other missing children out there. Little Adji Desir has been missing since January 10, 2009. Haleigh Cummings has been missing since February 10, 2009. Masaraha Ross and her mother Ronkeya have been missing since October 18, 2009. There are so many more that I can’t begin to list here as well. Where are all these children? Why haven’t they been found? They have disappeared without a trace. Someone has answers but yet no one is talking. Someone in all these cases needs to start talking so these children can be brought home, they deserve to be found and brought home. My prayers will continue for each and every one of them.

Jan Barrett

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