zahra.jpgElisa Baker, stepmother of the 10 year old Australian girl, Zahra Baker, and her attorney, Scott Reilly have won their argument in court for a change of venue in their case. Their argument was that Elisa would not be able to receive a fair trial if the case was to be heard there with juror members from Catawba County due to the excessive publicity over the murder of Zahra.

Zahra was an extraordinary child. She fought and won against cancer twice but in the process she lost one of her legs and she had to wear a hearing aid but that never stopped her will to live. Her smile was bright enough to light up a darkened room. She was so full of life.

Her fight to live was ended but not from the cancer. Her life was taken from her by the hands of someone else and that accused someone else is being charged with second degree murder, only because of a deal she made by helping the police find Zahra’s body after Elisa was thrown in jail for obstruction of justice. She had admitted to the police that she wrote a fake ransom note in order to throw the investigation off.

Little Zahra’s body was found, but not only in one spot. Her body had been dismembered and the parts had been disposed of in different locations. To this day as far as I know her whole body has not been found, including her skull.

This has caused a lot of anger in Catawba County. People are angry at Elisa Baker and one problem they have is the fact that she is not being charged with first degree murder, therefore this is why her attorney requested the change of venue in the case.

elisa-baker-8-1-11.jpgSuperior Court Judge Timothy Kincaid listened to Reilly’s arguments about it being impossible to get a fair trial for his client there and his decision was to grant the change of venue.

“You would have to live under a rock in Catawba County not to have been exposed to all the rumors, the false reports, the hearsay, evidence, the anger people have concerning this case,” said Reilly. “The anger people have against Elisa Baker because of the highly prejudicial nature of the coverage.”

Kincaid said he would make a decision on where the trial will be held when Elisa Baker appears in court again for her next hearing on September 12, 2011. He did make hints of some possibilities such as Haywood and Buncombe Counties which are near Asheville, North Carolina.

Elisa Baker is not only facing second degree murder charges but she is also facing several drug charges which you can read about here and she is being charged with Identity Theft which you can read about here.

I do hope that Zahra will get justice when this case goes to trial. I pray that it doesn’t end up like the Casey Anthony trial ended up with no justice at all for little Caylee Anthony. Please help me in my prayers in asking for justice for Zahra Baker. That is the least thing America can give to this little angel.

Jan Barrett

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