zahra.jpgThe murder of the 10 year old Australian girl, Zahra Baker was a shock to a lot of Americans and Australians as well especially when the history of this little girl’s life came to be known.

Zahra was a special little girl. She had overcome cancer and seemed to have an amazing will to survive, although she suffered loss such as her hearing in one ear and a leg due to cancer. She wore a hearing aid to help her hear and a prosthetic leg so she could walk. This is pretty amazing since she was only 10 years old. The photos of Zahra showed that she had an awesome smile that could light up the sky on a pitch dark night.

Zahra was reported missing by her father, Adam Baker in October 2010. Her stepmother, Elisa Baker was arrested soon after once she admitted to writing a fake ransom note in order to throw the investigation off so they couldn’t find the child.

After about 2 weeks of searching Elisa Baker finally decided to cooperate with the police and she led them to Zahra’s body. The problem is, they were led to a few different places, because the little girl’s body had been dismembered and the body parts were found in multiple parts. An arm bone, the prosthetic leg, torso and pelvic area were found but they have never found the head and a lot of the other body parts. It is now revealed too that the saw they believe that was used to dismember Zahra has been found.

This morning in court Elisa Baker entered a guilty plea to the second degree murder charges of her stepdaughter, Zahra. She also pled guilty to the obstruction of justice charge in this case and also guilty to obtaining property by false pretenses and financial identity fraud.

elisa-baker-in-court.jpgIn court this morning Judge Timothy Kincaid, he advised Elisa Baker that her guilty plea would send her to prison for 14 years, nine months and 18 years six months in prison.

Kincaid was scheduled to announce where he was going to move the trial to on Monday morning but was informed that they were working on a plea deal, so he agreed to postpone that hearing until today.

Baker told the police that she found little Zahra around 4 pm on September 24 in her bedroom but she was unresponsive, that she tried administering CPR for about 20 minutes but she couldn’t revive her. She claims she told her husband what happened. She then claims that her husband asked her the next morning to help him dispose of the remains of his daughter’s body.

An investigation proved by cell phone records that Adam Baker was nowhere near his wife when she was near the area’s that Zahra’s remains were located. There has been no other credible evidence to suggest that anyone else besides Elisa Baker was involved in the death and dismemberment of little Zahra Baker.

I suppose this in a small way some sort of justice for Zahra Baker. I have to admit it is better than Elisa Baker walking away a free woman like Casey Anthony did after she was acquitted for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. I am happy that at least Elisa Baker will pay for what she did to this precious little girl. I hope this time behind bars will teach her a lesson. I hope she thinks about Zahra every day for the rest of her life. I hope she sees this child’s face with her gorgeous smile on her everyday. I hope it haunts her for the rest of her life as well. I would hope that she will never forget what she did to that child.

My prayers are with Zahra. She had such a short life here on earth. I know she is in heaven with Jesus right now looking down. When I see the sun shining outside it is like I see her smiling down at us. She is in a good and happy place now and she will never have any more pain. God bless her.

Jan Barrett

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