adam-baker.jpgAdam Baker was deported by U.S, officials to Australia about 10 to 14 days ago according to what his attorney, Shell Pearce said Monday. Baker was held back from leaving while he faced charges which were not related to his daughter’s death in Catawba County, North Carolina. He received a suspended sentence of 45 days in jail plus 18 months of unsupervised probation after he plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge earlier this month.

He also plead guilty to reconnecting power without authorization. Baker made a plea deal which got both of the felony charges he was facing, dismissed. He did have to pay back $349 in restitution which he paid before he left the court.

Adam Baker plead not guilty to two misdemeanor charges of communicating threats and one misdemeanor charge of assault. Elisa Baker’s nephew and niece accused him of assaulting them and trying to run over them with his car. The judge dismissed the communicating threats charges but he found him guilty of the assault charges and sentenced him to 30 days in jail.

According to Pearce when Baker plead guilty to the misdemeanor charges, immigration decided to deport him. Pearce says that Baker left the country with his daughter Zahra’s cremated remains and planned to give her a proper burial there. Pearce also said that Baker still has pending court cases on misdemeanor charges but his client will not be coming back to North Carolina to face them.

zahra.jpgZahra Baker is the 10 year old little girl from Australia that survived cancer twice even though she lost a leg and walked with a prosthetic leg and she had to wear a hearing aid. She had a smile on her face that was as bright as the sun. When her father married Elisa Baker from North Carolina, he and Zahra moved here to the states from Australia.

In September 2010 Zahra was reported missing and during the investigation it came out that her stepmother, Elisa Baker had killed her and then dismembered her little body and scattered her body parts in different areas.

In a plea deal Elisa Baker told the police where to find parts of the body but all of her parts including her head as not been found. Elisa Baker entered a plea of guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Although Elisa claimed that her husband was the one that dismembered his daughter and helped dispose of the parts afterwords, he was never charged with anything to do with his daughter’s death.

Emily Dietrich, Zahra’s biological mother told a TV network in Australia that she hasn’t heard from Adam Baker since he returned to Australia with their daughter’s remains.

Dietrich told the TV station reporter, “I don’t have her remains and I don’t even know if she’s been buried, at this point.”

She doesn’t even know where Adam Baker is and his attorney said he didn’t want to reveal where Baker is in Australia. Dietrich was asked if she would like to share the ashes of her daughter’s with Adam Baker and her response was, “The way that her murder was carried out, splitting her ashes just seems so tasteless.”

Personally I can understand her mother’s response but at the same time if it were my daughter I would have to insist on knowing where Baker buried the ashes at. I have twin boys buried and if I didn’t know where their remains were it would drive me crazy.

All that is left of this precious child are the memories of her beautiful smile. It is a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. She may not be here any longer but a lot of people will remember her as she watches down from heaven. God has her now and I know she will never feel pain again.

Jan Barrett

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