Many people have scooted off for a long weekend, so today’s efforts have been mostly dedicated to finding out some background information about the town of Pearl River, Considering the fact that the entire population hovers around the 2000 count, it is clearly a town where everyone knows everyone.

As there was little hard news to go after, I decided to see what else I could find out. I did manage to track down one of the town alderman, a very delightful lady, Marie Crowe. She has been an Alderman for several years, however, the news of a missing person in Pearl River came as a complete shock! Apparently the Aldermen only get to meet once a month, and their main mission is to discuss ‘land easements’ and other mundane items.

I kept my mouth clammed shut. I had always assumed that an Alderman had a slightly larger role than determining where fence lines go!

How you can live in a town of 2000 people and not hear about a missing person is odd. Particularly if you are part of the infrastructure.

As there did not seem to be a wealth of information coming from Pearl River, I decided to ‘tap’ some sources. Some people that understand the area, and how it works.

For obvious reasons, I will not name my sources. But the answers to my questions gave me huge pause for thought.

Many people under the cloak of anonymity will say almost anything. I do not play that game. There has to be a sensible trail to support the claims.

I listened, and I researched, I asked, I researched some more. The story I am hearing is not a pretty one.

As is the case in many small towns there are a couple of families with pull. In the case of Pearl River there are two, the Crowe’s and the Craddock’s. There are streets in their family names.

There is nothing wrong with belonging to a family that has stayed in the area. I applaud it. I would love to drive down a road and see my father, or grandfather’s name on it.

In the case of Pearl River the two names that keep appearing are Crowe and Craddock. Digging a little deeper you find other names. Sure, it can be argued that if you look in the New York phone book, there are plenty of Crowe’s and Craddock’s. But, there is a large difference in the populations.

One source that I spoke with today made the comment that Alderman Marie Crowe is likely the cousin of the lead detective on the case Corey Crowe. If that is so, I find it almost inconceivable that Alisa had not heard of the Zachary Pittman case.

I asked another question, how serious is the drug problem in Pearl River?

The candid answer was:


When I pushed the subject it got even stranger. The favorite weapon is pills, when that doesn’t work, street drugs, and adding a nice balance is booze!

Jan and I are having a sit down, face to face with mother Christy Ragas tomorrow. It will be an interesting meeting.

More later.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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