Well this certainly is a version of ‘Life in the slow lane’. This afternoon I decided to reach out to the Mayor of Pearl River. I am used to the ‘no comment’ comment, I am used to people not wanting to talk to me. Most of the time I would not want to talk me either. But today was a first!

I had other missions today and it was not until 3pm that I attempted to reach James Lavigne. I called the town hall number. Guess what I got? James Lavigne did not answer, his gate keeper did not answer, not even an answering machine answered!

How the hell can you be the Mayor and not even have an answering machine at city hall? This is a little example of the town hall and police department.

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I have to admit that the stories coming in about James Lavigne have been less than complementary. The stories concerning his relationship with his son Ricky are even worse. The police have confirmed that Zachary Pittman and Ricky Lavigne had a fight two days before Zach disappeared.

The bad news is…. I am not letting this case go. More updates soon, maybe later today.

Where is Zach? Small town justice just does not work! You can run, but you can not hide. There are people like me that will keep digging! Oh, and when I retire I am going to run for Mayor, it seems like a great way to earn money for doing nothing.

I hope that everyone will join us on Sunday, the link is here.


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