This is indeed a sad story for a mother to have to deal with. Last year my husband, Simon and I heard about a mother desperately looking for her 26 year old son that had been missing since June 24th, 2009. He was last seen at his father’s home in Pearl River Louisiana after a brief argument with his sister.

Zachary walked away from the home with no money, only wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He was wearing a pair of flip flops for shoes.

Unfortunately the police claimed that they didn’t have any reason to believe that there was any foul play involving his disappearance but the family was convinced that Zachary would never have just left town without letting his family know about it. Zachary had a then 3 year old daughter and a then 4 year old step-daughter which he loved very much.

Zachary’s mother, Christy Ragas was very close to her son. She stated that she spoke with her son every day on the phone except for the days that he was there at her home with her.

Christy had used every ounce of her energy searching for her son. She exhausted herself as she went non-stop searching. She co-operated with the detectives. She arranged for search teams to help in the searches. Christy did everything she could possibly do to try and locate her son but always came to a dead end. She couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t enjoy holidays with family. She had that empty feeling in her heart for her son. She needed to know where he was and was determined to never give up until she found him.

On Memorial Day Weekend in 2011, that finally happened. Zachary’s remains were found after the exhausting 23 months of searching. The cause of his death is currently under investigation.

Christy will finally be able to lay her son to rest. The family has been through a long and emotional struggle during this time, but they have also been put in a bad financial struggle as well. Christy has never asked for a dime from anyone during this battle she was in but now the family is asking for help so that Zachary’s mother will be able to have a proper funeral and burial for him, one that he would deserve to have.

They are asking for help from the public for donations which are tax deductible and one can print out a receipt for the donation immediately. If you make a donation please designate the donation to “May Zachary Rest – In Peace”. Any donations received above the costs of funeral/burial will go towards the care of Zach’s two daughters. To contribute just click on Zach’s photo.

Simon and I would like to add our opinion to this. We have been working with missing kids and missing persons on BNN for three years now and we have never asked for a penny from anyone. I am asking for your help in this case only because I know that the funds are needed for this family. Christy never asked for financial help during her searching. She used whatever money they had to make all arrangements for the searches and for all other expenses involved but never once asked for a handout. Her family thinks it is time that they do ask for help so that Zachary can be laid to rest in a traditional fashion with respect. So please click on the photo above that will take you to paypal and help out. Any amounts given will be deeply appreciated.

RIP Zachary Pittman. You are loved and missed dearly by the loved ones left behind. You shall remain in their hearts forever. May God be with you!Jan and Simon Barrett

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