As a member of the press I am used to a certain level of communication. When dealing with a police department the ‘Point Man’ is usually the PIO ‘Public Information Officer’. This is the person that the press are pointed at, he is the spokesman, he is the link between the press and and the boots on the ground.

I can call the PIO’s in the Haleigh Cummings or Caylee Anthony cases, in the unfortunate circumstance that they are unavailable, they return my call within the hour. St Tammany Parish seems to have a different philosophy, neither the detective on the Zachary Pittman case, nor the PIO seem to think that Blogger News Network warrant a call back.

While there are many reasons why these two people could not call back, few excuses hold any water whatsoever. If they were on vacation, someone else would be checking the calls.

Message to ‘St Tammany Parish’ you can not avoid me forever!

The most telling aspect in this ‘avoid talking to Simon’ adventure is that the lead detective has been told that I would like to talk to him by a family member.

It is high time that the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office pick up the damn phone and call me! Note I have opted to leave the individuals names out at this stage.

The press is not a big bad monster, it is a way that information can make its way to the man in the street, and there is one man or woman, maybe more, that can help resolve the case surrounding the disappearance of Zachary Pittman.

It has been exactly one year since Zach was last seen. What actually has been done on those 365 days to find him? Is this a case where the 10 full time investigators originally involved has dwindled to down to one? And the only investigation involves a 30 second chat around the coffee pot once a week?

I know that I sound bitter, but I am merely telling it the way I see it. They way I read it, the folks involved in this case would much prefer to stick it in the ‘cold case’ file cabinet and move on.

I do not expect any investigator to share confidential information. Cases have been compromised by such actions. But I do expect the common courtesy of a call back.

The absolute lack of co-operation has got my hackles up, you can bet that I am not dropping this story.

Simon Barrett

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