I actually find the Internet to be a very powerful tool, and one that some people do not realize just how much reach it has. I have no ground breaking news on what happened to Zachary Pittman.  But it is clear that suddenly we have a lot of peoples attention.

Many of these people would most likely prefer that the file gather dust in a filing cabinet in some long forgotten storage room. I mean no offence by that statement it is just a fact of life. The police have limited resources, and new cases happen. There is a popular TV show The First 48 Hours, the premise being that the best opportunity to solve a crime is in those crucial two days. The longer a crime hangs out there, the less time that people have to devote to it.

The Zachary Pittman story is now over one year old. The question people need to ask themselves is can it be solved? I say yes!  Certainly it is more difficult, but yes there is a solution. We just have to find the answer.

In the 1970’s I was one of the first people to buy a Rubics Cube, it aggravated me no end. But I found the solution. In fact in the mid 70’s I had one in my briefcase and a customs officer asked if I could solve it, I replied yes, and that was the some total of questions!

Like Erno Rubic and his wonderful puzzle, there is a solution to what happened to Zachary Pittman.

My background is in the computer industry, many times I was called in because the ‘bad stuff had hit the fan’ and there was no way to recover from the failure. Very few times have I lost that challenge. And I am damned if the Zachary Pittman case is going to defeat me in my latest endeavour.

I am sure that I have created enough trouble in St Tammany Parish to establish some credentials. “Oh cr@p its thats guy again”. The Sheriff Office PIO was very polite, and suggested that I call back on a monthly basis. Umm I don’t see that as a viable option!

Pearl River is a very small town, the latest information claims that the population is around 2000. I dearly wish that I could bring in my favourite investigator. This guy makes ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ and Leonard Padilla look like kids in diapers! Two days of this guy on the ground would have everyone with a problem digging an atomic bomb shelter! The cops would be first! Alas, he is not in the area. But you never know when that might change.

The best we can do at the moment is keep the story in the news. I have lots of unanswered questions. That is never a good thing. Maybe it is time to talk directly with the last people that saw Zachary Pittman?

I am PIO’d out. It is time to get some damn answers!

The folks on the ground have that ability. My email address is zzsimonb@gmail.com. I want to hear from people. I am not trying to apportion blame, or try and put any mud on the local police department, the mayor, or his son. Oops did I mention the son? Silly me.

Simon Barrett

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