This is a case that is beginning to really bother me. I know when something doesn’t smell right, and the more I dig the less I like the stench.

If you are unfamiliar with this case you can get up to speed with reading a some of our earlier articles, here and here.

How does a 26 year old man, and the father of a three year old daughter just disappear into thin air?

Zachary Pittman had no money, no car, no cell phone, and lived in a sparsely populated part of Pear River, Louisiana. Yet at 11pm on June/24 2009 he did just that.

We received two phone calls today about the case, and both bothered me greatly. Finally the PIO for the Saint Tammany Parish Sheriffs Office returned my calls. Like PIO’s across the land he was gracious to a fault and had nothing to say of any substance. This is not unusual, it is an ongoing investigation, and no charges have been placed. He did however admit that some tips received about a month ago did not pan out, and that new leads were only coming in sporadically.

Pearl River is a small community, the population is approximately 2000 people. It is a community where everyone knows everyone. Yet no one is talking about Zachary Pittman. It stretches my fertile imagination that a man accustomed to the area would wander off into one of the local swamps and die.

The second phone call put the stink level up several notches. Yesterday I was talking to a well known investigator William Cobra Staubs. I told him the case as I see it. He is very good at investigating and his advice was ‘you have to move back to move forward’. What happened in the days leading up to the disappearance?

Todays second phone call, and for reasons of confidentiality I will not name the source at this stage, told a very interesting story. Two days before Zachary Pittman became a file number with the St Tammany Parish Sheriff Office he was involved in a fight with one Ricky Lavigne. The location and the reason for this fight are not known. However, it would seem that if this fight occurred it might have a very substantial bearing on the case.

I am being told that Ricky Lavigne is the ‘black sheep’ of the family, and also coincidentally the son of the mayor. The fight itself was likely over a girl, Chasity Campbell (SP).

Chasity apparently was playing both ends against the middle. She was the last person to see Zachary. Oh, and to add fuel to the fire, she moved in with Ricky Lavigne days after the disappearance.

So, we have a guy with no resources, what happened that night? I am being fed the line that Zachary Pittman told Chasity to leave for five minutes so that he could hide his stash of pills. That does not hold much water with me. Chasity comes back five minutes later and Zachary is missing.

I am pretty sure that I am not crazy, there is a story here that just does not hang together.

Lets find Zachary Pittman, and I know our readers can help.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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