I guess I am a dog with a bone. I apologize for being that way, but experience has taught me that if you do not operate in this mode you get exactly nowhere. It is now over than 24 hours since I put in a call to the St Tammany Parish detective supposedly working this case. I am still waiting for a call back.

This is odd, we cover major cases, the detectives are always very responsive,  what makes these people any different? Is it possible that they just want this case to go cold?

There are questions that need to be answered, and they likely are ones that St Tammany do not want to comply with.

There is a popular TV show that explains that most crimes have to be solved in the first 48 hours, it is a true statement, most crimes are solved within just a few hours. If a crime is not solved quickly the investigative effort drops faster than a meteorite killing off the dinosaurs!

Crime is an unfortunate part of today’s world, but crime is very much a part of our world.

zachary-d-pittmanzachary-with-his-daughter.JPGIt would be easy to just put the story of Zachary Pittman in the cold case file. But that is not the place he belongs, he needs to be at the forefront, not a file gathering dust in some storage area.

The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ creeps into my head. That does not work, last year a very good friend of mine cola collaborated on a book, a biography, that book caused a 27 year old case to come alive. A double homicide was solved. The evidence was clear, law enforcement were forced to dust the file off. The 20 detectives involved in the resurgence, dwindled to two within a few days. It transpired that the two were not working the case full time, in my mind it was a case that they discussed for 5 mins while chatting around the Coffee Pot in the morning.

Is this what is happening to Zachary Pittman? My guess is yes. Crime happens every day, and this case is just short of 48 hours from being a year old.

I will ramp up my efforts to get some official comment on the status of this investigation. I will keep you all appraised of my progress. If the Detective won’t respond to my messages, I will just go up the ladder. I will get someone that will go on record.

For a recap, you can check out Jan’s article, and my rather grumpy one from yesterday.

Simon Barrett

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