zac-and-daughter.jpgWe mentioned this Missing Person case briefly on yesterdays radio program (listen here), Jan also put up an article about the case (read about Zach).

In a nutshell Zach Pittman, a 26 year old man left his home at approximately 11pm on June.24 2009. He has not been seen since. What smells bad in this case is that Zach Pittman lived in a rural area, he had no money, no cell phone, no Drivers License, and no access to a car.

This case received no media attention at the time it happened. Why? That was the question that was running through my mind as Jan and I were talking to his mother Christy Ragas. I do not want to make light of what was a very emotional call, but what kept popping into my mind was that amusing GEICO Insurance advert that runs seemingly every hour on TV. The setting is the Board Room, and a well dressed executive offers the comment “Well if I was a cute little lizard with an English accent I could sell more”.

That statement sums up the world of missing people quite well. If the person missing is a young Caucasian female, the press is all over the case. With that press attention comes the attention of the public. I can cite many cases, Jon Benet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, Haleigh Cummings, these just touch the very tip. The country falls in love with these dear little girls and a press feeding frenzy ensues.

That same reaction does not occur when the missing child is male and has a learning disability. Adji Desir deserves as much attention as everyone else.

Zach Pittman received almost no attention at all. As best I can see he received a scant paragraph in the Times Picayune, and the same paragraph in the Slidell newspaper.

No Nancy Grace for Zach, just a rather chintzy passing mention. In fact even the brief mention has a story behind it. Originally one of the publications wanted to charge $80 to publish it!

Zach Pittman’s mother is firmly convinced that her son is dead. Off the record, she has been told the same things by the police. Christy Ragas is a lady that has her feet firmly planted on the ground. She openly admits that her son was not a saint, he had skirmishes with the law, he also had dipped into the drug world, but he was a good father. Not only was he providing for his biological daughter, but one that his girlfriend also had.

Christy Ragas is a realist, she has done, and continues to do, everything in her power to bring some closure to this sad story. I have opted not to share the girlfriends name, she has a career, it is not high paying, and she struggles to keep her family together. While Zach Pittman is classed as missing, she cannot obtain any additional assistance to raise her children. This lady is not, absolutely NOT looking for a hand out, she is looking for some closure and the chance to move forward.

I mentioned earlier that Zach was no saint, in fact sometime before he disappeared he ended up behind bars. A family member put up the 10% bond, $1000. In this day and age a $1000 is a lot of money. Two days after Zach disappeared he was due in court. Obviously he missed the date. However, the legal system continues on its intransigent course and is now demanding the entire bond amount of $10,000 be paid!

There is no-one that believes Zach has skipped out, everyone is in agreement that he is no longer alive.

What happened on June/24, 2009 remains a mystery. There are some theories, and some of them are giving me pause for thought. It has been said that two days before his disappearance he had a fight with the son of someone holding an elected position in the area. Is that relevant? I don’t know. What I do know is that we have a case that needs to get some attention.

The lead Detective on the case has not yet returned my call. I have doubts that he will. It is simpler to let this case become a ‘cold case’.  A simple file, put in a dusty file cabinet. Well I am not happy with this solution. There is the truth somewhere. I may not be able to find it, but I certainly am going to try my best.

I also hope that the loyal supporters that have followed BNN in our other quests will join us in this one.

Simon Barrett

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