It is all too easy to pontificate from far away on crime cases. It is a very different world when you put your feet on the ground, or in this case swamp.  BNN does not have a large travel budget, in fact the last time I checked it was exactly $zero! So when the opportunity to actually spend some time not only in the area, but with some of the family involved, I jumped on it.

I learned a great deal today, much I cannot share yet, but some I can.

It was rumored less than an hour after we left the area that two Sheriffs vehicles were cruising the area that we had been seen in. This might have been coincidental, but it seems unlikely. I suspect we ruffled some feathers today. We did take a spin though down town Pearl River, alas we missed the photo op of snapping a picture of the Police Headquarters and the Town Hall. They share the same fairly frugal building.

My mission was not to rile up either the Sheriffs or the Pearl River police. But I have received an email with a cell phone number to call!

Few people have a real understanding of just how difficult it is to search for a missing person when swamps are involved. Our first port of call was a pond. But I use that term loosely. It is hard to believe that this is actually 20 feet deep. Could Zach’s backpack be in here?


After the grand tour of Pearl River we headed for the house that Zach was last seen at. The patio doors, are the doors that he supposedly left though.


This is an area that is hardly on any regular bus route. It is a bit of a hike to anywhere. There are lots of fine examples of real estate, one wonders why they have not been snapped up.


We also encountered some people possibly connected with the case, I’ll save that photo for the future! We did the only sensible thing, and booked it out of Dodge!

Our next stop was an to two area’s that everyone seems to agree might be the where Zachary Pittman might be. It has not been searched, and for that reason I will not reveal the locations. One I feel is doubtful, it is too much work to get to. It took us at least 10 minutes to hike into it in broad daylight! Snakes, spiders, gators, a regular Disney World!

The second location holds a great deal more promise. It is accessible by car, and it would be  a perfect location.

If nothing else, enjoy the photo’s, they are best viewed from the comfort of your computer. The real deal is not nearly so enchanting!







This is not an area that you would want to go camping in.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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