It was almost a year ago that I first heard the name Zachary Pittman. It was through a friend of Zach’s mother that we heard the story. You can find our initial report here. And a follow up here
Both Jan and I are concerned about missing people in general, but this one was right on our door step. Pearl River is only a short drive from where we live.

Mother Christy Ragas was at the end of her rope. No-one seemed to care. The police had all but called the case cold. But nothing made sense, the press had ignored the case, no-one cared. No-one would even talk to her!

It is easy to understand the reasons why she was distraught. I would be, a son missing, and no-one cares.

Jan and I did what we could to assist, but we are writers rather than investigators. Investigating by the telephone (my usual weapon) was not getting us anywhere. On a sleepy Sunday afternoon Christ Ragas, Myself, and BNN’s official photographer (name withheld), took a tour of the town of Pearl River. We spoke with a few people. We drove around the area that he was last seen, we even even ventured into the ever present swamps in the area. I am by no means anacrophobic, but there were some big spiders! Pointing out to me the new piles of Gator Poo did little to calm me down. This was a place that I did not want to be in. If the remains of Zachary Pittman resided here, I could see no chance of them ever being found.

Things changed over the past weekend. Some human remains were found in the Pearl River area. There were also some clothing remnants found.

A call to the Police Chief of Pearl River, Bennie Raynor added some information. The remains were found outside of the city limits,  so his department had no direct involvement. However, he did verify that he had received information that human remains had been found over the weekend, and that for a period of time the Sheriffs had closed off a section of a road to the North East of Pearl River.

Today it was revealed that based on dental records, the remains found are most likely those of Zachary Pittman. DNA tests are underway to confirm it.

Mother Christy Ragas is heading back to Pearl River. Hopefully she will get some answers.  I guess that dusty cold case file just got dusted off?

Here is a question for you all. It is being rumored that the gentleman who found Zach was someone that we spoke to on our tour of the area, coincidence?

Simon Barrett

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