The news business is a strange one, but there are some axioms that I like to use. About the only thing that is predicable is the unpredictability factor. The law of unintended consequences rules. And last but by no means least, don’t mess with the independent press, we ain’t house trained and we bite!

My plan this morning was to talk with the Mayor of Pearl River, James Lavigne. I called and after one ring received the message ‘Hi, we are busy on the other line, if you wait a minute we will be happy to call you back’. Does this sound like a mayorial office? I think not! Two hours later I called back, guess what? The same immediate voice mail message. The strange part, it was a woman on the recording. It was obviously a house phone.

I suspect that the chances of James Lavigne returning my call are about the same as me winning the $64 million powerball lottery (and I do not even buy tickets).

Clearly we here at BNN have stirred up the Zach Pittman case. I doubt that it will take long for the Mayor to become aware of this article. As you are obviously to busy mayoring in Pearl River I will wait until tomorrow before publishing my questions for you. That way you can spend the July/4 weekend contemplating your answers. I will try to contact you again in the morning. But I have little hope that I will get a return call.

I am guessing that the title of Mayor is an honorary one.

I am sure that James Lavigne  has a ‘day job’! But maybe he should rethink his phone message, it would be far better to say “Hello you have reached the office of Mayor James Lavigne, I am unable to take your call right now…..”.

Sense does not cost cents.

What is wrong with this picture?

Of course we have no clue if this person was elected, or if he won the position from a box of Cracker Jacks!

I am, needless to say, pretty ‘ticked off’. I cover major cases and everyone is ‘Johnny on the spot’, I don’t always get the answers I want, but I do get responses.

When people won’t talk to me, I go digging. And just scratching the dirt is beginning to show a situation that bothers me. Foot soldiers on the ground are beginning to talk to me. The picture is not a pretty one.

More soon. More tomorrow. Ouch!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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