By Honey Gillard

‘The Last Kiss’ star and creative writer Zach Braff [pictured right with co-star Rachel Bilson] has finally decided to fulfill his long-term ambition to own a Harley Davidson motorbike – though he is terrified that his mother will make him return it. 

Braff is currently taking riding lessons in order to become a pro on the 2-wheel motor vehicle; that he has long dreamed of owning. However he has also admitted that he was worried his folks would order him to take the powerful bike back as they are “totally afraid of motorcycles”. 

The 32-year-old’ Scrubs’ star said: “I decided to get a Harley. This is a big moment because my parents are finding out I decided to get a Harley so I’m going to be in a lot of trouble right now. My parents are totally afraid of motorcycles. But I really wanted to do it. I took the classes and I’ve got a big-ass bike.” 

“I’m nervous. As soon as I get off this show and my parents see it, there’ll
be a phone call saying, ‘You’re returning that bike immediately.’ If Mom says,
‘Absolutely no’, then I’ll return it.” 

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Source: JustJAred

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