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Ahmahdinejad’s letter to Americans

Just what I always wanted, a letter from good ol’ Mahmoud.
Talk about making your day… especially when the letter starts out like this –

O, Almighty God, bestow upon humanity the perfect human being promised to all by You, and make us among his followers.

Any bets on who he believes that ‘perfect human’ will be?  Or already is?  My money is on the guy who claimed to be ‘bathed in light’ while speaking at the UN [ Hint: He’s the President of Iran ].

Anyhow… we are, in his eyes, a noble breed, it seems.  The letter refers to Noble Americans, not once, but three separate times.  Then he goes on to make the point that most of the problems, in any part of the world, are directly or indirectly our fault, but we are a noble bunch, nonetheless.

The reason for the letter, we come to find out, is that we share a common responsibility to promote and protect freedom and human dignity.

This is where I had to check the postmark to make sure the letter came from Iran.

Next are a few more paragraphs of whitewash explaining how we [and he]  are God fearing, truth loving, justice seeking people with compassion and respect for all human rights.

Again I turn the envelope to check the postmark.

He then goes on to ask why we continue the support a Zionist regime that bombs innocent defenseless civilians, and uses machine guns on students in Palestinian streets, and why we haven’t tried to help the people of Iraq by rebuilding the ruins and restoring the infrastructure of the country.  After that there is a diatribe about Guantanamo and Abu Gharaib, about wiretaps in our cities, beatings in our streets, and terror suspects who are arrested and shot to death.

No need to check the envelope anymore.

The transparency of the letter is absolutely pathetic, it’s not even good propaganda, but if you want to read it, in all its glory, the full text is linked below.



Full Text of the Letter: CNN

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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