Approximately seven videos have been put on Google owned video service, YouTube which showed school children beating their peers.

The videos are recorded on video cellphones from students at Auckland Grammar School, Tauranga Boys’ College and Saint Kentigern College according to New Zealand newspaper, The Press.

Auckland Grammar has three videos of bullying and Tauranga Boys College and St Kentigern College both have one video each.

One of the worst videos took place in Auckland Grammar in which two students, surrounded by a large circle of boys, knock another boy unconscious which results in the boy have convulsions while appearing to have a fit on the ground. The clip was put on YouTube by I0pex a month ago and was titled “Some guy getting KNocked the fuck out.” It had a rating of four and a half stars out of a possible five.

When Nzgabriel, writer on Wikinews, tried to access said video YouTube displayed the following notice: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.” An unidentified clip shows two girls fighting, which was also removed for the same reason. YouTube guidelines state: “Real violence is not allowed. If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked or humiliated, don’t post it.”

The video showing the bullying from Tauranga Boys’ College shows a teacher who breaks up the fight, the comments for the video criticise the teacher for doing so.

One other video shows one Asian student bullying another Asian.

Annabel Taylor, Family Help Trust chairwoman, said: “The clips represented the worst aspects of bullying. It is premeditated, organised, intentional, choreographed even, and that’s what distinguishes it from common schoolyard bullying.”

Tauranga Boys’ College deputy principal, Robert Naumann, said: “While appropriate disciplinary action was taken against the boys involved in the incident, and none of those filmed had given their permission for the footage to be posted on the web, the film has remained within the public domain despite attempts by college staff to have it removed,” he said. “Youtube has continued to support its placement,” but when Nzgabriel checked it too had been removed.

Martin Crocker, Netsafe director, said that the posting the videos did not break any law, while the acts performed are. “The terrible thing is that the aim of online notoriety is driving people to do quite extreme things,” Crocker said.

Dave Turnbull, principal of Cashmere High School, said that he is unaware of anything like that has happened in Christchurch. “The reality is it could have been any school.”

According to Paul Shamy from Stopping Violence Services Christchurch, “[I am] not surprised that the violence was in well-to-do schools such as Auckland Grammar as violence is spread throughout society.”

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