The Islamofascists are mad at YouTube… or at least there were. They aren’t anymore, of course, because YouTube has folded to a cyberterror campaign launched in Islamabad, Pakistan. Islamists in Pakistan launched a cyber attack against YouTube over the video service’s hosting of the trailer to a Dutch documentary that claims that Islamic doctrine is an “inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror.”

So, in another strike against freedom of expression, YouTube has promised to eliminate any content that is deemed by extremist, Islamists half way across the world as “highly provocative and blasphemous” against Islam.

Once again, extremist, Islamists win another battle against the ever more weak spined and compliant west. And this win is ominous for the Internet because now the Islamofascists don’t even have to take control of a government or a population to impose their oppression on the people of the world. They can do it all across the world at once with cyberterror.

Investor’s Business Daily has the story:

Experts say the method used to block the site leaked onto the Internet and caused traffic to YouTube to be directed into a kind of “Web cul-de-sac in Pakistan,” as UPI described it.

The method involved Pakistani ISP operators “deliberately putting false information out there” that diverted traffic to the site across the globe for hours, said Daniel Castro of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.

In other words, the Pakistani government essentially committed an act of cyberterrorism. Islamabad denies it, claiming its crashing of YouTube was “not intentional.”

Youtube even admits that this attack came from Pakistan. A spokesman for YouTube said, “we have determined the source of these events was a network in Pakistan. We are investigating and working with others in the Internet community to prevent this from happening again.”

And even faced with evidence of the actions by extremists, YouTube is folding anyway.

Meantime, YouTube is giving in to its blackmailers in Pakistan by removing “highly profane and sacrilegious footage” that was offensive to Islam, including cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

IBD ends their piece with a perfect line:

Acquiescing to the demands of theocratic blackmailers is no way to bring the other side into the light of the modern world. It only emboldens them.

And there you have it. One more example of how we in the west simply don’t have the guts to stand up for our own principles. This clash of civilizations is less a clash and more a rolling over…. by the west.

YouTube should be ashamed of itself.

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