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Registered voters found to be illegal aliens


One citizen, one vote, that’s the law of the land, but your vote may be getting a little diluted.  Instead of counting as a full vote, it could now only be worth 9/10ths of a vote, or 7/8ths, or 3/4ths.


Individuals who are not citizens of this country have been stepping into the voting booth, casting their vote, and having that vote counted.  The net result of this is that in a close election, the winning candidate could posibly ‘not’ be the one a majority of ‘citizens’ voted for, a ballot referendum could or could not swing the way US citizens wanted it too, and your vote isn’t worth quite as much as you thought it was.  For instance, if 100 people cast a vote, and 10 of those individuals are here illegally, only 9/10ths of ‘your’ vote registers in the final tally, if the illegal votes were diffferent than yours.  On the other hand, if the illegal votes coincided with yours, yours could be worth ‘more’ than 1 vote.  So it kind of balances out, doesn’t it.  The law of averages would say so.

Before I forget, there’s a guy in Brooklyn selling a bridge.  Interested?

One citizen, one vote.  Not an overly complicated idea.  You want to register to vote?  You want to step into the booth?  Show me some ID, then go in and pull the lever, push the buttons, sing Moon Over Miami if you want to.  Do whatever is within your legal rights.

Damn, there’s that word again, ‘legal’, the complete exact opposite of ‘illegal’.  We have elected officials in this country, and more than a couple, who see no problem at all with illegals voting.  They don’t say it quite that way though, that wouldn’t sound good.  What they do, however, is oppose the idea that anyone wanting to vote should go through the arduous task of identifying themselves as a Citizen of the United States.

They are protecting the poor, and the elderly too.  That is the refrain.  They’re looking out for the rest of us also, citing that voting lines will be longer, if an ID check is required.  How much longer?  How much more time would it it take?  You have to show your voter registration anyhow.  The registration has to be checked against the voter rolls.  There’s a problem with showing an ID at the same time?

Yes there is, apparently.
Back to the poor and older folks.
These citizens, supposedly, are less likely to have a valid ID.
In other words, they wouldn’t have….

a drivers license,
or a marriage license,
or a passport,
or a student ID,
or a military ID,
or a hunting license,
or an employee ID,
or a library card,
or a birth cerificate,
or an adoption certificate,
or any piece of mail issued from a government agency.

All of the above are accepted these days,
so who in Congress would be against showing your ID?

We won’t say here, don’t want that ‘partisan’ word thrown at us again, but their party affiliation starts with a D.  Seems the D people like having the illegals here.  They’re of the opinion that the illegals are D voters.

Links: Judicial Watch — WOAI, San Antonio

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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