We love our pets. For some people, they’re like children, and that’s true even if those people have actual human children. But there’s something about pets that makes them so easy to love. They’re loyal and they love you unconditionally. Dogs have a reputation for being more affectionate, but cats can be loving in their own unique way. When we’re sick or feel bad, pets seem to know, and they often try to comfort us by curling up next to us or falling asleep on our legs. Pets take good care of us, so it makes sense that we want to return the favor and take good care of them. There are the basics like food, water, and a place to use the bathroom. But beyond that, making sure your pet feels safe and comfortable is one of the best things you can do for little Max or Luna.

Your pet in winter

Believe it or not, dogs and cats get cold too, especially in the middle of a cold, snowy winter. Sure, they have fur that insulates them pretty well, but if it’s ten degrees outside, fur can only do so much. Some dog breeds just don’t have much hair, either, and that makes them more prone to shivering. Think of breeds like chihuahuas; those little guys always seem to be trying to get under the blankets for warmth. You can share your blanket with your pet, but if you have a dog, eventually you’re going to have to get up and take the dog outside to do its business. Cats can use a litter box, but dogs need to go for a quick walk around the block before they can empty their bladder. If you have a dog that’s sensitive to the cold, it’s time to invest in some winter apparel from a website like Heart Me. There are sweaters, coats, and even flannel pajamas available on the world wide web; all you have to do is search for them. You can even buy little booties for your dog so its uncovered paws won’t have to step on snow and ice. Humans frequently try to mix warmth with style in winter, and there’s no reason your dog can’t do the same.

Pets and body temperature

Pets just don’t have the same body temperature that humans do. The average temperature for your dog is around 101 or 102 degrees, or about three degrees higher than what’s considered normal for a human. A cat’s normal temperature is around the same range as a dog’s. If you’ve ever wondered why snuggling up with your dog feels a bit like snuggling a toaster, then you can chalk it up to the differences in body temperature.

That said, dogs and cats still benefit from things like indoor heating and cooling. There’s no need to have a dog that’s either too hot or too cold. Of course, humans depend on heating and cooling systems as well. If you live in an especially harsh climate, don’t delay calling a repair service once your heat goes out. Newark, NJ, residential heating repair might be just what you and your pet both need to get back to feeling normal. That’s the nice thing about air conditioners and furnaces: they make things feel “normal” inside your house regardless of what’s going on right outside your front door.


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