The Storm Worm, which turns systems into spam spewing zombies without their owner’s knowledge is taking a predicted twist and using Valentine’s Day as a lure.

Websense is reporting:

Websense® Security Labsâ„¢ has received reports and confirmed that the Storm worm has once again switched lure tactics. The worm has now adopted a Valentine’s Day twist in its attempts to infect users with malicious code. For more details on how we protect against Storm attacks, see
Websense (full) alert with screenshots, here.

Most recently, we’ve seen the Storm Botnet leased by the phishermen to steal people’s personal and financial details.

CNet (Robert Vamosi) did a good write-up on this latest Storm phenomenon, here.

The best way to protect your computer from this (besides having good security software) is to simply “just say delete” to any unsolicited Valentines you receive!

Previous posts I’ve written about the Storm Worm can be seen, here.

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