Young Dick Cheney: Great American
by Bruce Kluger & David Slavin

This book, which claims to be a satire, is just one long attack on Cheney. Its no surprise that it has been praised by sites like Huffington Post and people like Keith Olbermann. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t satires supposed to be the least bit funny? I read the entire book and didn’t laugh once. Now I am not a hard-core Republican, far from it, more a libertarian rogue, but this is just lame.

The authors think its terribly funny to take that one hunting incident and repeat the joke over and over again. Basically Cheney’s young friends and teachers keep dying in gun accidents. The book even implies that Cheney’s wife is a lesbian. It aims to track him from his use implying he did not have a normal child-hood. Along the way mid-Westerners are tarred as anti-semites (ironic considering some of the content of HuffPo which one of the authors contributes to) and indulge in a game called “Chase the Jew”.

This book is vile and completely unfunny. Lest I be accused of not laughing because its from a left-wing perspective; I would point out that I used to laugh quite a bit at much of the anti-Thatcher comedy from the UK in the 80s even though I greatly admire her (ex: The Young Ones). Satire can be harsh and close to the bone if its funny. This just isn’t.

If this is left-wing humour in the US these days its a sad state of affairs. Their hatred of anything related to Bush so clouds their minds as to make them unfunny.

What a waste. I will say one nice thing; the illustrations are decent.

You can purchase the book here at Amazon.

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