Your Facebook account gets hacked! The attack came from China, and it begs a few questions. The population of China is guestimated to be a staggering 1,338,299,500, that makes it even bigger than Texas! I suspect that with all the Wings and Wongs needing to claim Facebook real estate that it is pretty darn tough to get your preferred screen name of Joewing or Sallywong.

The answer is obviously to go after some unusual and not yet gobbled up name, Simon Barrett clearly meets those needs. Alas Simon Barrett is already taken! Actually there are two of us. One is quite famous, he even rates an entry on IMDB. It is not clear if Simon’s Dead Birds was the inspiration for the popular game Angry Birds.

Simon and I coexist in perfect harmony. We have even exchanged an email or two.

So we are left with the question, why so the Chinese want to hack my account? It held no secrets. I don’t have the super secret recipe of KFC’s (yet to be announced) Deep Fried Chicken WonTon Quarter Pounder PotSticker!

But hack away our Chinese friends go. What possible advantage some Wing or Wong might have gained by accessing my Facebook account is indeed a mystery. It certainly does not have anything on it that could be remotely interesting. Of course I could be wrong (or should that be Wong)?

Oh, note to the Wings and Wongs, I have fixed the loophole. You will need a better ChopStick to come and play. It is a very old story, but it has humor in it.

Why is there no phone directory in China?

Because no one wants to Wing the Wong number!

Simon Barrett

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