Hillary Clinton just won another huge victory thanks to those poorly educated white redneck bigots…whoops. Gotta rewrite the template.

Hillary just won the Puerto Rican primary. The pundits claim it was due to the fact that Puerto Ricans have relatives in New York City, and they know her.

This in itself says something, because if Hillary actually listens to and helps PuertoRicans (who make up 5.5 % of New York state’s population) then why has Senator Obama not noticed that they are 3% of his state. (over 100 000 people in Chicago alone).

Nor does it explain why Obama didn’t go there to campaign like Senator Clinton.

One of the most amusing stories about Obama’s approach to get Puerto Rican votes was a Politico report that he made a commercial in Spanish

reminding Puerto Ricans that he too had been raised on an island.

But the real news is that, despite all the talk of racism versus sexism, most of the voting pattern seems to be upper class yuppie elite versus working folks, with Senator Clinton getting the working folks vote.

The one exception is that Obama gets 90% plus of the black vote, but no one calls that racism.

The Feminist anger against Obama however has been reignited by a Catholic priest openly mocking Clinton while giving a sermon at Obama’s church.

Obama, realizing that maybe the church, whose congregation gave Reverend Pfleger a standing ovation, might be the problem, not just ex pastor Wright, has announced that he has left the church.

Silly me: I go to church to worship God, or to hear my sins identified so that I can repent and get closer to God, not to hear a politician ridiculed so that i can feel puffed up and proud that I’m not a siner like that publican in the corner, but never mind. That’s just me.

But as a woman I do notice the bigotry. I predate women’s lib and predate political correctness, and have suffered from similar ridicule. And you know what? It makes me angry. We expect Feminazi quips from Rush. We don’t expect it from the party that is supposed to be a major defender of women’s issues.

In the meanwhile, the elites and radical left who are busy hijacking the Democratic party decided that the early primaries will be divided so that Obama is at an advantage.

The biggest irony is that in previous years, early states seem to have had a bigger advantage in selecting who will win the nomination, so Florida and Michigan wanted to have their votes counted.

Yet one of the lessons of this primary season is that the earliest votes may be ignoring the problems of a nominee.
So Obama won with a press ignoring his lack of experience on a vote because he was hope.

Hillary? Her warts are out there for all to see…like McCain, we “know” her, and have an idea how she will be as president. Obama? He’s a blank slate who talks good and who wants to criicize him and be called a racist?

Now it turns out that, with the press finally starting to notice a few warts, the real surge is for Hillary, and the irony is that if Michigan and Florida actually held a re-vote she might have won those states too, instead of getting half a vote.

For weeks, Hillary has been told to quit. Over and over. Told she was a goner, so give up. But she is a fighter.

You go, girl.

I got a lot of negative advice while studying to be a doctor at a time when only 5% of doctors were women.

Give up, medicine is for men and your presence in medical school is preventing them from getting a slot. Give up, because it’s too hard for you. You actually cry. See, you’re just too weak. Give up.

Like my advisors, none of the pundits are saying: give up because Obama will be a better president. Wonder why?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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