Yes, I am Catholic…a book to savor!

Recently, I received a package from Saint Mary’s Press. It contained the new book by Beth Dotson Brown, “Yes, I am Catholic!” From the moment it arrived, I could not put the book down. This exceptional story, written by the author during treatment and subsequent therapy for breast cancer is a strikingly poignant collection of interviews of other Catholics, some known and some unknown, about how their Catholic faith is a primary focus of their professional and personal lives. What I find especially significant about this book is the simple and honest presentation by the author of individual’s stories of their Catholic faith and how it affects their daily lives. The book contains profiles of real men and women that struggle on a daily basis to live a life that is based upon Catholic moral and social teachings with their own personal reflections on the great importance the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist plays in their daily lives. For anyone that wants to instill a deeper appreciation of the Catholic faith among young people and complacent Catholics this book is a necessary addition to anyone’s faith based reading.
I am particularly impressed with the chapter titles of the book, which not only reflect the author’s personal journey of faith, but also mirror a theological pilgrimage which is common to all Catholic believers. As Catholics we encounter many milestones in our life of faith, most notably our journey compels us to ask questions and seek answers about many issues, such as the nature of personal prayer, the integration of Catholic social teachings into our daily lives, and the acknowledgement that Catholicism is not only our active living faith, but also our heritage. Beth Dotson Brown simply and with great human depth of perception uses the various Catholic’s profiles to illustrate that our faith is indeed a personal, and communal encapsulation of the wants, needs and aspirations we all share as individuals, especially faith motivated individuals.
Catholic educators and parents would be especially prudent to have their students and children read this book. Why? Because, “Yes, I am Catholic!” is a refreshingly clear anthology of multicultural faith experiences that outline the critical importance of Catholic faith to believers in all phases and occupations in life. Not only does the book incorporate significant examples of personal journeys of faith, it effectively indicates that our Catholic faith is a living and growing entity that is present not only for Catholics on Sunday mornings, but throughout all of our daily activities.
As a Catholic author, as well as faithful believer this book is remarkably transcendent in the redaction of the individual’s faith journeys. Beth Dotson Brown has done a remarkable job in transmitting Catholic theology in a remarkably simple manner…in human life experiences. Reading this book will compel all Catholics to realize that our faith indeed is not only a personal experience, but one that is inextricably intertwined with all of the faithful believers we meet on our theological pilgrimage as members of the Body of Christ.
Beth’s book is available at Saint Mary’s Press . It is available on September 1. The cost is $15.95
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