So here we go again, BS Yeddyurappa tendered his resignation facing an imminent defeat on the floor of the house. The reason, Darth Vader Deve Gowda’s 12 conditions. The BJP rightly refused to agree to it (they wanted it on Stamped Paper, perhaps supplied by Abdul Telgi). So you have Yeddy doing a Vajpayee 10 years on. The story has an interesting sequel.

The Star of Mysore had predicted that Gowda was up to his dirty tricks once again by hobnobbing with the Congress on the side even before the BJP government fell. So you have a Gowda seeking Congress support to prop his sons HD Kumaraswamy and HD Revanna up.

Now if thats Deja Vu, remember what followed from the last time the Congress propped a Gowda. 

A full term BJP lead NDA Government.

Time alone will tell if the Karnataka State BJP follows through on what are a series of betrayals that leave the Gowda clan exposed on their greed and politics of opportunism. The BJP has the moral advantage here by refusing to cede to the Gowda’s a free hand in “public works” so they can get back to their old real estate games with the BMIC Project and other major urban projects in and around Bangalore.

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Offstumped Bottomline: Karnataka and Bangalore are paying a heavy price for this 3 way political divide with critical infrastructure projects on hold. How long a Congress Gowda tango will last is anyone’s guess, but whenever elections are called it is time for the people of Karnataka to deliver a decisive 2-way verdict. If that means consigning Deve Gowda to the dustbin of Karnataka politics, so be it.

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