In the Bronx, NY, we have the Yankees; the best Major League Baseball team money can buy. The lineup is stunning; Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, Bernie Williams, Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina…All first ballot Hall-of-Famers, all chilling in their mansions checking out the playoffs on their plasma screen TVs again this year, courtesy of the small-market Detroit Tigers.
In Queens, NY., we have the Mets, the scrappy, modestly paid (by Major League Baseball standards) team managed by Willie Randolph, a member of The Yankees during their championship years in the 70’s and 80’s, advancing to the National League Championship Series by sweeping the Dodgers in the Divisional series.
How can a powerhouse Yankee team fall apart, while the modest Mets continue to fight another day? I think it starts from the top, with ownership. Yankees owner George Steinbrenner continues to throw money at a problem money can’t solve, lack of player chemistry, while Mets ownership made wise decisions (the addition of Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran and Tommy Glavine) upgrading the team.  (Hint to Steinbrenner: If you noticed, two of the three players the Mets acquired were top tier pitchers.)
I hate to say this because I totally love the guy, but I think it’s time to replace Yankee manager Joe Torre with the in-your-face management style of a Lou Pinnella. So what if he ruffles a few golden feathers, A little anger could help find the competitive spirit hiding under the cheap seats somewhere in Yankee stadium.
Horace W. Morris, Jr.

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