Major League Baseball has settled into its playoff series’, creating tense times for Yankees manager Joe Torre. After losing to the Cleveland Indians in the first two games of their first-round playoff series, it was publically announced that Torre’s job was on the line if the Yankees did not win this series. As if in response to this threat, the Yankees came back to beat the Indians on Sunday night 8-4 in Game 3.

This announcement comes with the Yankees’ pitiful postseaon record of 4-12 in their last 16 playoff games. On top of that, Torre’s contract of three years and $19.2 million expires October 31. Speculation as to who Torres’ replacement would be if he fails to pull out wins in the next two games has already begun. Prospects include broadcaster Joe Girardi and Yankees’ bench coach Don Mattingly.

Despite the team’s recent playoff stats, Torre has proven himself to be a worthy manager. The Yankees won four World Series in Torres’ first five seasons as manager and signed three-year extensions with the team after the 2001 World Series and in April 2004. The Yankees have made it to the postseason every year since as well. Players, such as Johnny Damon, blame themselves for their poor postseason performances in recent years. Torre did not mention his job being on the line before meeting for batting practice, but the team obviously took a cue from the media reports on Sunday night when they allowed their manager to keep his job for one more game.

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