Sax Chronicles Volume 1

Artist:      Yancyy

CD Title:  Sax ChroniclesVolume 1

Release:   2010

For the last few years I’ve been rather critical of smooth jazz, but artist like Yancyy have caused me to change my mind.  There is an element that these artists are adding that I had to seriously consider.  That is funk that’s right I said funk they are bring a different kind of soul to jazz. Yancyy “Sax Chronicles Volume 1” is smooth this is driving music with songs like “I Remember” which is a popular R&B tune by Keyshia Cole. Yancyy takes smooth jazz to a whole new level this level is soul he has a level of creativity that makes it difficult to put this CD in any category, but good when you listen you can get lost in the music especially with songs like “T’s Groove & Call Me” the funk is all through here this CD reminds me of The Clarke Duke Projects” from 1981 that CD is a classic a true marriage of funk and soul  “Sax Chronicles Volume 1” is the modern version of “The Clarke Duke Project” this is what gives the CD or the listener the ability to get lost in the music which is a good thing on my chart this CD gets 4 out of 6 steering wheels.  Give it a listen and tell us what you think.

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