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Yakat  was termed as a liability to his family. He hate to work. His life is to walk around to gossip people round the clock. Yakat hardly says good things about people. Our town folks call him Yakat Wahkat. My first encounter with him was during a meeting held by Kingjifija of Jollofland. He told me that king was after his favorite. Call him a jealous man, you make no mistake. Yakat changes women  just like his pants. Kingfijafa told me not to listen to Yakat. He says Yakat was a pathological liar who would sell his person just to survive. Oh yes! I remarked…

The next day Yakat took me round his orchard. Yakat told me that he was named the “farmer of the year.” by the Governor of Gambisara. I was impressed by his farming techniques and the way he transformed the village into a real forest. When I started asking how he succeeded to be become the first farmer in Kerrmundombay, Yakat remarked” Fabruama this is my village. You need to listen to me to get what you want. Don’t listen to the Governor Jobot. He knows nothing.” I replied in the affirmative.

As a stranger in Gambisara, I must confess that Yakat in a span of two weeks taught me things that I  never learned in Jollofland. It was just interesting to meet such a “Jaliba” in Gambisara. He pretends to know everything on this universe.

When Kenbugud saw me at Yakat orchard he was shocked. Hey… What are you doing here? Hey what are you doing here? I told him that I was just trying to have an ideaabout what goes on in Gambisara. Kenbugud then shook his head and said I will talk to you later… As I returned home, I met Kenbugud at the sitting room waiting for me. These were his words.”Farburama, watch who you talk to in Gambisara. Yakat is lonely because of his bad attitude. Many villagers run away from him. He toured the village looking out for people to hang out with. If you heed to my advise, my brother you will not regret it tomorrow. Try and avoid Yakat as much as possible. The whole village cannot be wrong. When everyone spit at you, then something is wrong with you. Yakat lied a lot and hardly keeps friends. Within a time, you will know what I’m telling you.”

There and then I started avoiding Yakat Samboujang. The phone rang and I rush to pick it up. “Hello, can I be on to Famurama? It’s Yakat. I remarked. Yes, this is Famburama. Are you ready? I’m set to go the orchard. I retorted” Yakat, I’m kind of busy right now. I cannot make it. Yakat hates to hear my statement. Look Faburama, you got to be here or else, I  will change my mind on helping you to be a good farmer. I have been very magnanimous with you. Many “Surugas” from Guinea when they come here they have to pay me for consultation fee. I’m being nice with you.”he said.

Yakat later fall out with Farburama. He issued an order not to get closer to his orchard. He notified the local Governor about his move and vowed to damage him by any means. Yakat told our town folks that Famburama was going to suffer in Gambisara since he refuses to listen to him. At some point he told ‘MamJelleh” that Famburama was likely to see the governor on “serious” official matters.

Famburama was the type of person who never lost faith in God. Interestingly, Famburama later becomes a hero in Gambisara. The Governor allocated him with a plot of land to farm. He later became the farmer of the year in Gambisara. Guess what, Yakat became jealous. Yakat spent his life on gossiping and lying. Farburama is today running his farm without Yakat’s bad mouthing. May God save us from the likes of Yakat.

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