By Hammadi Maasina.
Jeff Koinange’s voice was piercing through the eerie silence surrounding the dilapated Arch 22 of Banjul. An arch which is the symbol of Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorship. During Jeff’s presentation,shame was running through the veins of every Gambian home and abroad.The worst part of this sad case is,the fame of small Gambia was framed within shame. This was not only a disgrace,it was a serious mishap for anything related to health. Yahya Jammeh’s latest twist exposed him not only as a coward but as a shameless,uncivil,uncut dreamer. On the other hand this CNN Program was a “blessing in disguise” for concerned citizens of our motherland. It was a fast track for people around the world to discover plight. CNN to you we say a very BIG thank you! Thank you very much! for helping us expose this craziness. We are glad that the world knows The Gambia is being led by an unstable man.
It was not a surprise for some of his so-called “guides” that Yahya Jammeh refused to meet and talk to Jeff Koinange of CNN.Yahya would have met him if he wasn’t stopped. The same hypocrites who send anonymous emails and letters showing how distasteful Yahya’s governance is,are the very ones who are sending emails to the CNN online 360 degrees program. Does Yahya know that? These are the people who are laughing in their bedrooms in Banjul, after Yahya’s craziness was exposed by CNN. Seeing Doctor Mbowe defend Yahya’s craziness despite putting the credibility of his medical licence on the front line should not be surprising. Mbowe will do so and go home spending sleepless nights. Insiders revealed that Yahya was advised to avoid meeting the CNN envoy. He was advised to allow Mbowe meet and talk to the man on his behalf. VP Isatou Njie-Saidy is one of those who advised Yahya Jammeh on that. He was forewarned that CNN came to ridicule him. If he did not believe that he was ridiculous why worry about being ridiculed? Who can ridicule a serious person who knows his left from his right? This in Yahya’s case is strange therefore he was not capable of handling a “matured” interview. Indeed Yahya Jammeh is a prey for anyone searching for ridiculous souls around the world.
Yahya Jammeh according to inside sources was so scared to come before the camera with his sword,sheath and qur’an. The pictures video (excerpts) showed on CNN were captured by the CNN through other means. Yahya Jammeh is an empty vessel that contains nothing other than toxic waste. Yahya’s own office of the President wrote and invited CNN. Prior to the arrival of the CNN envoy everyone knew that Yahya wanted to meet him. Yahya was bragging every where in Banjul saying he was ready to handle Jeff. He said he was going to send a clear message to the west. All of a sudden why change or twist? He changed because he is a shameless bluff. Yahya obviously tries to impress people by being sulky and rude towards nations like USA and UK for no reason. He thinks, that is what makes a man brave. That way of doing things shows how much inferiority complex is biting this unstable man.
Does the USA or UK care if one mentally sick person like Yahya Jammeh is screaming on the CNN microphone after all? Yahya of course does not want to be portrayed as an Islamist holding the qur’an! He on the other hand wants to be associated to men like Nejad of Iran as an insane bluff. Certainly trying to push a mountain with one finger cannot move it but can brake the finger itself. Yahya Jammeh is a holder of two major doctorate degrees.
First he was awarde an honourary doctorate degree in philosophy,second doctor in civil law. Today we can call Yahya DOCTOR FOOL TWO.
Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007)
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