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The other day, I read in the Daily Observer about a Yaya Jammeh pageant scholarship for sour sisters. What a move and good gesture. But wait a minute did I read that there has to be a pageant context for schools? Since when have our schools been turned into beauty competition grounds? Or is there something that I am missing Oga ? Oga is at it again. ooo!!!.

Again this is the man who parades himself in white robes depicting the color of  Angel Gibril, while doing the work of  “eblis” (devil). How can someone who claims to be as religious as he portrays himself to be parade our sisters in front of a public in order to win a scholarship ? Are you kidding me? How are we sure that those that are going to win this pageant conte st are academically qualified to pursue further studies?

Any form of parading women or men in any conte st is irreligious and should not be entertained. Everything God created is beautiful. No where in the Holy Books have any pageant conte s t been mentioned or taken place. So if we claim to be followers of any of the main Holy Books, we must refrain from dehumanizing our women folk in a bid to accord them a scholarship. Aren ‘ t there better ways to accord them scholarships? Is the daughter of Mr. President going to be part of the parade?  What about the daughters of our SOSs and members of the National Assembly? Why then should our poor sisters be the ones to be paraded if yours can’t be paraded? How do you then expect our daughters, nieces and sisters to be paraded? I for one will never allow my daughter s and sisters and other relations to be part of any parade  for scholarship.

We might as well die poor than engage in ungodly parades for scholarships?  We need to know where the monies for these scholarships are coming from. I can guess that it is some aid from other countires which Oga is pretending to be his own. He has done this time and time again.
Worst of all, this issue is pertaining to education and one would have been thinking that the ministry of education will be  in the fore front in handling this.

But to our utter amazement the press release is coming from the ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Does this not raise eye brows?  Or is there a confusion of roles between SOS education and SOS Communications and Information Technology?

I am sure the SoS of Communications knows fully well that she is stepping on the toes of her colleague at the education ministry. In today,s Gambia any minister can come up with anything to please Oga just to keep their job. It does not matter whether what is being done falls within the purview of  the ministry or not. It is survival of the fittest. It is a jungle territory. So everyone does anything to keep their job.

I for one am not bothered about the jolanisation of our civil servants. You know why? Because eventually the animal kingdom will crumble when the animals fight among themselves. And the fight has already begun. Yahya is always looking for scapegoats. And so if there is any failure anywhere he will roll the heads of Jolas. The case at the Mile II prison is a good example. Let’s just sit and watch the cats fight and kill each other.

And when they are done, we can move  in and take our country and mend it. On a final note, Yahya if you are idle and have nothing to do  just go to sleep and leave our women folk alone. They deserve more respect and something better  than parade scholarship whether in African  or monkey attire,  this is morally wrong.

To our women fold, do not allow men to use you. Why don’t you also organise a Mr. Gambia and put Yahya  Jammeh as the no. 1 contestant? I have never attended any context but I bet I will pay anything to attend this one.Why should it be women all the time? It is about  time we stop all this nonsense and concentrate on nation building rather than time wasting contests for scholarship. Or is Oga looking for a second wife? I have got to stop here since I have other important issues to touch on since there is a lot going on down here. Wasalam.

Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 (Archive on Friday, June 29, 2007)
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