By Our Security Affairs Correspondent Hammadi Maasina.
It has now come to light that the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is fully and deeply involved in the Casamance rebellion. It was a good thing that Jammeh himself started vomiting some of the clues in his editorial at the Daily Observer. Classified documents had already got leads however, it was just a matter of time to know where the horn was placed because it had stopped blowing! Yahya is the blower of the horn of war in Casamance.He has been selling arms to the rebels from a bunker around Bonto radio transmitters in the kombos.
Also via thickets or paths in the jungle connecting the Pirang environs to Casamance. Yahya Jammeh has started flames that will burn his backyard sooner than he expects.

It is a wild rumour in Banjul that Yahya has scared everyone saying Senegal or some Gambian dissidents will attack the state machinery at anytime from now. This is not only outrageous but a fabricated dream not even lie. Yahya himself distributed catches of arms from Bulgaria and Georgia Eastern Europe in different compounds well before last September. These arms he will use with the help  of Casamance rebels who can speak good wolof to say they are Senegalese soldiers! This is his plan. His plan will then be to arrest these rebels and pretend as if he is interrogating Senegalese soldiers! Yahya is an evil person. His plans are also evil.

However,what he fails to realise is that his own security men received western union money from these dissidents he is accusing. These security men are always stranded. We will spread the receipts on line one day just watch. Yahya Jammeh’s own Gambian soldiers are hungry. It is the Casamance rebels who guard him every day!

Yahya Jammeh himself is scared because he knows when ever Dakar or Bissau release his dossier he will be banned from entering certain countries. Infact, there are files targeting some of Yahya’s officials. These officials will at anytime from this day be added to a travel ban. They have been implicated in a lot of dirty deals from Banjul to Lebanon,Tehran,Egypt and Bulgaria. Yahya Jammeh will indeed not escape this quarrel he has started again.

He is training Casamance rebels in his farm. He uses these endless festivals for recruiting rebels. Agents of Salif Sadio are in every part of The Gambia.Jammeh’s BLUFF is that he will arm the rebels,then unleash into Senegal at his own free will. He has already received his first accords and consignments from Tehran,Karakas and Havannah. He knows the details of his files and his containers but let him also not think these are secrets,these details have been intercepted long time ago.

Yahya’s desperate moves are coming out now because Laurent Gbagbo disowned him along the way. Nino Viera and Kufour do not even want to talk to him on the phone anymore. This is why he is starting a new dimension against his neighbours. We all remember when Kumba Yalla accused Yahya Jammeh of wanting to sponsor a rebellion in Bissau. That was indeed a fact. Has Yahya not been using his men to infiltrate Bissau? Yahya Jammeh needs to know that I Hammadi Maasinah followed his shameless tail to Pretoria South Africa where he apologized to Yalla like an infant. Let him deny that!
Today, Yahya is accusing other countries of doing jobs related to his expertise in evil deeds? That’s Yahya Jammeh. Look, Gambians have to stop this idea of seeing Yahya as a true soldier and act. No revolution has ever been free of charge. Yahya DID NOT OVERTHROW JAWARA WITH THE HELP OF SENEGAL. So it is an insult for him to say no Gambian can remove him without the help of Dakar. This syndrome of accsuing Dakar is a tool he uses to attract attention to himself. Now has God not judged? Three days after his calculated lies the same Yahya said LET UN/WHO go to hell because they are undermining him? How many institutions and states are undermining Yahya Jammeh on earth? Yahya has to know that accusing Dakar is a cheap shot now. With or without Dakar he will drink blood sooner than he thinks.

Yahya has been warned over and over that not every Gambian gives up the fight against him so easily. All Yahya wants  from Dakar is for them to hand over Bajinka,Kukoie,Ndure Cham and Sana period. That is so stupid and ignorant of Yahya to believe. Intsead, Yahya’s own case has started from Nigeria. Let him brush off the journalists who sued him and see. This is a starter more is on the way. After legally justifying that he is a thug and  head of pariah state then international law will support his removal by any means necessary. Yahya Jammeh has to know that death is not the end of the road when it comes to a revolution. He is crazy but he will learn the hard way. Some of us will spend their last  finger nails to make sure that Yahya Jammeh remembers he was a coward and comedian before today. This is a war that will never end peacefully. The whole world knows that The Gambia is suffering within the claws of an insane person being called a president.
A question for Yahya Jammeh? Why was he cutting his birth day cake with Myriam alone? We know where the first lady is at this hour and what is making Yahya so angry for no reason. Gambians have to know that the man is deranged by internal marital affairs too.
He knows these are facts!
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, June 30, 2007)
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